HURRICANE – Cherry Adair
Cutter Cay Series , Book 5
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN-13:  978-1-250-01636-2
April 2017
Romantic Suspense

Onboard The Tesoro Mio , Present Day

A year ago, Rydell Case and his wife Addison divorced, and Addison got the pride of Ry's life, the salvage boat he was having built.  He received the Sea Dragon for his underwater salvage work, but it was taken over by bandits and his entire crew was killed, and his boat is 8000 feet under water in the Kermadec Trench.  He has just found an underwater treasure with millions in silver bars, he believes, and needs the Tesoro Mio to get to the salvage site and start work.  Addison has been living on the yacht, and when she returns from dinner with her old boyfriend, Ry is furious.  Every minute, every hour, every day, every month for the past year he hasn't drawn a deep breath because of the pain of their divorce.  It's almost getting to the point where if one more thing goes wrong, he doesn't have much else to live for—he needs the yacht to get his company financially solvent after losing his other boat.  When Prince Naveen Darshi leaves, Ry reveals himself to Addison and informs her his crew is on board, and she can either go with them or he will fly her back to land by helicopter.

Addison, herself, has lived on the edge of sanity since their daughter Sophie died last year, and then receiving divorce papers from Rydell.  He was away when Sophie died, and he never answered her frantic texts or phone calls, not once, and her inner self died when she received the divorce papers.  She has reconnected with Prince Naveen, and he once again wants to marry her, but she just can't seem to get up the energy to accept.  He was the only one to comfort her last year, and she knows without him things would have been much worse.  Now she's on her way to the Maldives Islands to maybe find a treasure trove of silver with her ex-husband.

Between trying to get along with each other and fighting mercenaries through the Panama Canal, Rydell and Addison have a rough trip ahead of them.  Especially when Prince Naveen arrives on the ship that was supposed to go to Australia, and the buyer for the Tesoro Mio that he had arranged.  Rydell reminds Addison that the boat is half his, and no way would he sell it, and besides, he has first refusal to buy it from her if she does want to sell it.  Prince Naveen, as Addison's previous lover, rubs Rydell the wrong way; it's only the fact that she left Naveen for him after the first night they met that gives him any consolation.  But Naveen could have something else up his sleeve that will cause even more trouble.

Cherry Adair can make you feel the heartbreak Rydell and Addison each feel after the divorce.  It is soul deep and on their minds day and night.  They haven't talked in the past year, and each barely exists.  Told from Ry's and Addison's points of view, both of them have great capacities for love of each other, and soon find out that someone was behind the messages Rydell never got, and the mysterious divorce papers that were not drawn up by either of them, but seemed to come from the other.  Addison is a self-determined woman who now has had to rely on herself, and cannot decide who would have wanted to break them up.

Secondary characters are Hollis, Addison's mother; Prince Naveen, and all the members of the dive crew on the ship.  Hollis worries only about how things pertain to her, and Prince Naveen, while wanting to marry Addison, never appears to feel any affection toward her.  All the dive crew are old friends and come to Rydell's side when things start getting dangerous.

HURRICANE will give you a storm of emotion as you go along with Rydell and Addison as they get together after a year of heartbreak for each of them, and are trying to find out who and why someone wanted them separated.  Pulse pounding action and overwhelming passion between them cannot be denied.  Grab HURRICANE this month and prepare to be blown away by Rydell and Addison's story.

Carolyn Crisher