STORMCHASER - Cherry Adair
Cutter Cay - Book 4
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN-13:  978-1-250-01634-8
March 2017
Romantic Suspense

Mediterranean Ocean - Present Day

Marine archaeologist Dr. Calista West is about to board the mega yacht Stormchaser in open waters south of Crete.  Callie was just hired by Jonah Cutter at four times her usual fee to help with finding the treasure on a Chinese ship, the Ji Li , which sunk several hundred years before with silk, spices, gold, emeralds and silver coins onboard.  But Callie has an ulterior motive; she is secretly working for her brother-in-law, Rydell Chase, to find out where the treasure is buried and take it away from Jonah.  For some reason, Rydell has a hatred for Jonah and his half-brothers Zane, Nick and Logan.  Rydell and his family are her only family, and Callie would do anything for him, including lying and stealing from Jonah.  But Callie doesn't know what Jonah is really looking for under the Ji Li.

Jonah and his other divers have been waiting impatiently for Callie to arrive, but nobody knows yet what other secret locations they are looking for.  While scoping out the Ji Li for the past year, Jonah discovered something even more interesting beneath her that Dr. West has written several papers on, Atlantis.  If a renowned archaeologist can agree that it is Atlantis under the water, his reputation, and his future, will be set in gold, and it would be the find of over a thousand years.  Now Jonah and his divers must divide their time between salvaging the Ji Li, and looking for proof that Atlantis is right beneath their ship.

After starting their diving, three men in black robes, looking like monks, come to the ship and say their boss wants to see them on Fire Island, an island they can just barely see.  Jonah wants nothing to do with them, until they say they will be killed if Jonah doesn't return with them.  They are escorted to a small town between the mountains, and asked what they are doing there.  There is also another man and his sister who are not monks, why are they living there?  But soon earthquakes, fogs, and quicksand on the floor of the ocean are giving them trouble, along with the failure of their communication devices to work under water.  Is something going on, or is Atlantis trying to hide her secrets?

Salvaging sunken treasure, finding Atlantis, and keeping alive are soon the only things that matter to Jonah.  Cherry Adair gives Jonah and Callie very similar histories.  A child of alcoholic parents who died when another drunk driver ran into them at seventeen, Callie is a perfectionist, has been pretty much alone in taking care of herself since her earlier years; her parents never took care of her.  Jonah found after his father died that he had an entire other family halfway around the world with three older brothers.  His brothers accepted him into the family, but he still wants to impress them with something none of them have found salvaging other wrecks.  Trusting honesty above all else, what will happen when Jonah finds out Callie's true reason for working with him?

Secondary characters are the other crew members and divers, the monks on Fire Island, and Callie's decision to remain true to her brother-in-law while falling in love with Jonah.
Surely a brief fling with Jonah will keep those crazy lust filled ideas out of her head, Callie decides.  But the STORMCHASER has other secrets and mysteries that will try to take their lives.  When Jonah finds out what Callie is up to, will he be able to live with the idea that the woman he fell in love with so quickly could try to trick him?  STORMCHASER is an exciting tale with underwater diving and passion filled moments that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Carolyn Crisher