ISBN: 978-0-593-20163-3
July 12, 2022
Romantic Comedy

Across the United States – Present Day

Attorney Olivia Vincent has dreams of becoming a full-time stand-up comic, but she is still working a day job as an attorney for a large firm while she seeks out odd jobs in New York’s comedy clubs. After she is fired by her law firm for skipping out on an important meeting to work a gig at a club, her booking manager dangles a tempting offer to her to be the opening act for a tour. The only caveat is that she must ride along with fellow comic (and headliner) Nick Leto as they travel to DC, Atlanta, New Orleans, and other cities to appear in comedy clubs. While Nick is handsome and likes to mock her, Olivia can’t say no to the offer.

Once on the road, Olivia learns that Nick has two vices that she can’t stand: he smokes, and he plays eighties rock music. Since it’s his car, she can’t tell him what to do or what to listen to, though she gives him an earful. Their comedy gigs don’t always end up the way she’d expected, but it’s giving her the confidence to make her dream come true. She also begins to become attracted to Nick. How can she be falling for an ego-driven comic who is much like her in that their main focus is becoming a well-known comic?

NO FUNNY BUSINESS takes readers behind the scenes in the world of comedy clubs. It’s not a world that is all fun and happiness. It’s hard work and you’ll never know when you will get your next gig. After being raised by a single father in Texas, Olivia found employment in Manhattan at a law firm that she figured would only be a short stop on her way to stand-up comedy stardom. But too much missed time at work as Olivia chases her dream ended with her being fired. The offer by her manager is a dream come true and one she can’t turn down, even if Nick is a pain in the rear most of the time. From blown tires to skanky rooms, Olivia continues onward. Once they get to Los Angeles, she hopes she will be able to snag an even bigger comedy job. But ending up in bed with Nick wasn’t part of her plan.

Readers can sense that behind Nick’s laconic and carefree attitude is a guy who is hiding something. After Olivia discovers something incriminating in his shaving bag, she figures that she has found out what he’s hiding. But what is the truth? What about the closeness the two have shared the long days on the road and the funny business at night? Along the way, Olivia learns a lot about herself and even gets Nick to change a little. But deep down, they like each other just the way they are. There are plenty of hijinks and fun in NO FUNNY BUSINESS, and readers don’t want to miss it all.

Patti Fischer

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