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AFTER HOURS AGENDA – Kianna Alexander
404 Sound , Book 5
Harlequin Desire #2B
ISBN: 978-1-335-45753-00
April 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

Atlanta, Georgia – Present Day

Atlanta record company executive Pierce Hamilton wants his family’s company to merge with 404 Sound, the company owned by the Woodson family. If he completes the merger, then he proves to his family that he has the ability to take control of his family’s company. This means that Pierce will need to woo the 404 Sound CEO, Nia Woodson, and she’s a tough cookie to crack. Dangling the offer of helping to create a video montage about her family, he gets her to agree to talk to him. Nia is the eldest of the Woodson children, and the only one not married. Will Pierce seduce her right into his bed?

Nia and her family are going through a bit of a family crisis that has seen her mother move out of their parents’ home after a man claimed that he was their father’s illegitimate son. The claim was disproven, but it still hangs over the family. Nia is hoping the video will show her mother how much her father loves her, along with the deep history of the family and the company. Meanwhile, Pierce is everywhere Nia is, being friendly and helpful. Being in her late thirties, Nia has pretty much given up the idea that she will find love, yet Pierce is giving her hope that her dry spell is over. But how will she react if she learns that he has an ulterior motive for wooing her?

AFTER HOURS AGENDA is the final book in the 404 Sound series about the Woodson siblings and the music business they run. The company is well-known and respected in Atlanta, so one can understand why another company would love to merge with them. The recent bad publicity about the alleged illegitimate son of their father has left a bad taste, with their father still attempting to get to the bottom of why this man made such outlandish claims. How do Pierce and his family’s company fit into this? Will it affect his relationship with Nia? It isn’t easy for her to give herself to just any man, so finding herself falling for Pierce is a new experience. With the bumps ahead for them, can they find a middle road…and a happily ever after?

Much of AFTER HOURS AGENDA is about trying to guide the family through their recent crisis and getting their parents’ marriage upright. Their mother, Addy, moved out, but she soon makes plans to come home. Will the marriage be saved? As for Nia, finding herself involved with Pierce has her conflicted. She has never felt this way, and is she leaving the company, and her heart, open to failure? By the end of AFTER HOURS AGENDA, everything is resolved. Don’t miss this emotional and sizzling tale. 

Patti Fischer

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