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404 Sound , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2795
ISBN: 978-1-335-23280-9
March 2021
Contemporary Series Romance

Atlanta, Georgia & Summer Village, Louisiana – Present Day

Single mother Ainsley Voss has been the executive assistant to music mogul Gage Woodson for several years, but she feels it's time to apply for a promotion at the company. Currently, the company is anxiously awaiting the arrival of an important piece of sound equipment from the west coast, but then it mysteriously disappears. They need it within a week because an important music artist is arriving to record at 404 Sound Studio. Gage manages to get a replacement, but he will fly out to take possession of it—and asks Ainsley to go with him. With a pilot flying their private plane, they're barely in the air when they are forced down due to bad weather.

With ongoing weather issues, Gage and Ainsley will be forced to stay in the small town of Summer Village for a couple of days—and nights. While they have worked together for more than five years comfortably, having to share a room (the only one available) means being in really close quarters. And it gives them a chance to not only get to know one another, but to also realize there's a sexual attraction between them. It's inevitable that sharing a bed leads to making love. But once they are back in Atlanta, will it change their relationship?

Because raising an eleven-year-old is expensive, Ainsley needs to hang onto her job, or get that desired promotion. Gage is wary of getting romantically involved with a company employee after his last work relationship ended with the woman embezzling company funds. This is why having a fling with each other is not part of their plans in AFTER HOURS ATTRACTION. Yet, it's hard to ignore the intense attraction that erupts between them while sharing a room. Gage trusts Ainsley as a valued employee. Can he expect the same as his lover? Admittedly, he wouldn't mind their affair continuing once they return to Atlanta, but she makes it clear that is not in her plans.

The sexual tension runs high for Ainsley and Gage in AFTER HOURS ATTRACTION, the second book in Kianna Alexander's 404 Sound series that revolves around a music company. Ainsley knows Gage's wants and needs as her boss, but does she really know him as a man? While Ainsley has been secretly attracted to Gage, she is acutely aware that he isn't the kind of man she wants around her son. Why? Because Gage has made it clear that he isn't into children. For Ainsley, her son will always come first.

Ainsley's boss becomes her lover in AFTER HOURS ATTRACTION. But is Gage just her one-night lover? Be sure to find out the answer in this sizzling tale.

Patti Fischer

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