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LOVE BUZZ – Neely Tubati Alexander
Harper Perennial
ISBN: 978-0-06-329291-8
May 4, 2023
Contemporary Fiction

New Orleans & Seattle – Present Day

Serena Khan is miserably attending a bachelorette party for her cousin, Coral, in New Orleans. She hasn’t been close to her cousin since Serena’s mother died but Coral has chosen her to be the maid of honor. The Mardi Gras is going on around them, but Serena isn’t enjoying herself—until she meets Julian, a stranger who happens to be in the bar where the party is being held. A couple of hours with Julian has Serena falling for him. But after attending to her sick cousin, she comes back to find Julian gone. She doesn’t know his last name and only that he lives in another part of Seattle near where she lives. She wonders if she can find him once she’s returned home.

Once home, Serena, who has a decent job at a good accounting firm quits her job. Well, she really hated the job, but she has no other job prospects. She then breaks off with the guy she’s been dating and learns that he was about to propose to her. Now she has no job and no boyfriend. But she continues to fantasize about Julian. Soon, Serena is on a quest to find Julian in LOVE BUZZ. Will she succeed?

The title LOVE BUZZ comes from a popular song by the grunge group Nirvana. Julian has eclectic music tastes and that is one of his favorite groups. From the start in this tale, it appears that Serena and Julian have little in common, yet she is willing to change her tastes to fit his, even though he is not currently in her life. She even begins to haunt his part of Seattle hoping to see him. One good thing does happen when she gets a job in a fashion boutique shop and starts a new career selling unique clothing. But Julian? While she frequents places where she hopes to see him, such as a concert for one of his fave groups, she has trouble finding her man. That is, until one day Serena spots him in a coffee shop. She makes a scene, and he doesn’t recognize her. Has she messed up her life for an impossible dream?

One can definitely say that LOVE BUZZ is a different kind of read. For one, it is based on Serena’s obsession with a guy she barely knows. Yet she has decided that he is “the one” and will do anything to meet him again. She has plodded along in life after her mother died just before Serena graduated from the University of Washington. Afterward, she took a job at a prestigious company because she thought her mother would be proud of her. She dated Danny because she thought this was what her mother would want. Yet, once she meets Julian, she is ready to toss it all out the window. Does she make the right decision? Serena’s quest for Julian is complicated by bumps along the way. She has ups and downs. In the background is a request from an old college professor of hers to do an interview about what she is up to at the age of thirty. Serena is about to turn that age. What can she tell an interviewer about herself now? Her life is so much different than it was weeks ago. 

An intriguing novel about the coming of age of a woman who feels unhappy about her life. Along the way, Serena makes changes. Does she find the man of her dream—Julian? Find out the answer by grabbing a copy of LOVE BUZZ.

Patti Fischer

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