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SOME LIKE IT HOT – Susan Andersen
ISBN: 978-0-373-77776-1
August 2013
Contemporary Romance

Razor Bay, Washington – Present Day

Deputy Sheriff Max Bradshaw has spent most of his life in Razor Bay despite a painful childhood being raised by a mother still bitter over being left by Max's father. But Max is working on being in a good place emotionally, including getting to know his half-brother Jake. When Harper Summerville arrives in town and takes on a summer job at the inn run by Jake's fiancée, Jenny Salazar, Max's attention is drawn to her. Her exotic appearance stands out in town, but it's her worldly views and looks that have his body on immediate alert. But Max isn't into relationships, even temporary ones, and getting involved with Harper feels too much like one he should avoid, especially since there is something mysterious about her that he can't quite put his finger on.

Harper enjoys traveling, and her job with her family's charity group affords her plenty of opportunity to do so. She's in Razor Bay to surreptitiously check out a local youth home to see if it should be awarded a grant from their charity. Harper doesn't want anyone to know why she is there because doing so might make people act differently toward her. Harper's mixed-race looks stand out in town, and she's become fast friends with Jenny and others, which in turn brings her into contact with the big, hulky (and hunky) Max. Her sassy banter with Max soon turns into heated kisses between them. But a summer fling is all she can offer Max because she plans to leave Razor Bay soon.

Max still carries the emotional wounds of his childhood. Combined with his bitter mother and a father who literally stopped seeing his son after he began a new family in Razor Bay, Max finds it hard to get into relationships, so while he is handsome and attracts women, his attitude is gruff like a bear. Harper gets under his skin and has his senses on alert, something he's never experienced before. When she discovers he's involved with the local boys' group home, she eagerly joins him in organizing outings for the boys. Their shared experiences bring Max and Harper closer together.

Harper spent most of her childhood traveling the world, and she continues to love the experience as she goes from one potential charity beneficiary to another to investigate whether they meet their organizations criteria to be awarded grant money. Razor Bay will be one stop on her itinerary. Max proves to be a challenge getting to know, and while she's attracted to him, she's not into settling down anytime soon, and a temporary affair seems destined for them.  Yet the more she gets to know Max and others in town, including her new friends Jenny and Tasha, a local pizza joint owner, the harder it will be to say goodbye. A perfect summer making friends and a terrific lover in Max has her “always on the go traveling” feet wanting to settle down—in Razor Bay.

There's a whole lot to enjoy about SOME LIKE IT HOT. The sexy banter between Max and Harper is cute and funny, even as it soon turns into hot kisses—and more. SOME LIKE IT HOT is a small town contemporary romance that is charming and touches the heart as Max and Harper interact with the troubled teens they're trying to help through some bad times. Then there is the sizzling romance between Harper and Max, as she charms his socks off and has him opening up, not only to her, but to his friends who had once dubbed him bad-tempered. It takes a good woman like Harper to win Max's trust.

It's sexy fun at its best in SOME LIKE IT HOT.

Patti Fischer
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