THE CHRISTMAS ROOM Catherine Anderson
ISBN: 978-0-399586316
September 2017
Contemporary Fiction

Rustler's Gulch, Bitterroot Valley, Montana

Cameron McLendon has moved his son and mother from California to his dream spot in Montana where he is building a home for all of them. At this point, his mother is living in a small trailer, and he and Caleb, his son, are in a cabin nearby. Groundbreaking of their shared house is on the immediate horizon. For now, Cam is trying to establish himself in the local real estate business.

Stopping at a bar on his way home one night, he meets a woman who ticks all of the boxes for him, until he discovers who she is. Kirstin Conacher is the daughter of Sam Conacher, well known for over-protecting his daughter, and destroying anyone who even thought to take her away from him. But the attraction is obviously mutual, and Cam is more than willing to sneak around to meet up with Kirstin whenever he can.

Cam's mother is a popular murder mystery author who is hiding the fact that she is getting treatment for colon cancer from her son and grandson. Losing her husband just two years ago to the same disease, Maddie is determined not to stress Cam at this critical time of his life. But she is also equally sure that she is not going to allow the bully neighbor, Sam Conacher, to destroy what her family is working for. Sam wants Cam to fail, and he will do anything in his power to achieve that.

Cam's son, Caleb, is adjusting to his new life, trying to fit in at the high school, and to support his father. He's a caring, thoughtful sixteen-year-old, and when he sees how happy his father is with Kirstin, Caleb hopes for the best.

THE CHRISTMAS ROOM deals with a myriad of family issues, including a father and daughter who are at odds over his long-term grief at losing his wife. Trying to work on his new house, his new career, and his new relationship, Cam has a lot on his plate. When tragedy strikes, though, everyone must face reality.

I enjoyed this novel, and recommend THE CHRISTMAS ROOM to readers who love a good romance.

Jani Brooks