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The Beaumont Heirs , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2338
ISBN: 978-0-373-73351-4
November 2014
Contemporary Series Romance

Denver, Colorado – Present Day

As the head of public relations for the Beaumont family, Matthew Beaumont wants his brother's upcoming wedding to go off without a hitch. In fact, he has become almost obsessed with making sure things go as planned and without any scandals. When the maid of honor shows up, Matthew immediately recognizes her as former wild child reality star Whitney Wildz who had disappeared from the spotlight after years of partying and always being in the news. Now she's Whitney Maddox, and she trains horses with the bride. If Matthew had his way, he'd ship Whitney out, but another part of him wonders if she'd mind sharing his bed…

Whitney wants to put her inglorious past behind her and is hoping to stay in the background during her best friend's wedding to one of the infamous Beaumont heirs. However, Matthew recognized her and is bent on making her life miserable. Yet there's this spark of attraction between them that's hard to ignore. When he decides to concentrate his attention on her – all in the name of making sure the wedding goes smoothly – it forces them to spend time alone. Soon neither can deny the sizzling attraction between them, but is it a short term fling that will end when the wedding is over? Will the press find out that former wild child Whitney has resurfaced?

Matthew wants to make sure the wedding of Phillip Beaumont and Jo Spears goes off as planned in A BEAUMONT CHRISTMAS WEDDING, but with the press circling around looking for juicy details, he doesn't need the distraction of former bad girl Whitney. Matthew knows a lot about scandal and being in the spotlight after his father famously married Matthew's mother after he was born, and the last thing he wants is another scandal to rock the Beaumont legacy. Matthew has always felt like the neglected Beaumont heir and tried to prove himself to his father as the one family member who could keep the paparazzi at bay. Yet he can't fight the desire he feels for Whitney, even though getting involved with her would no doubt cause a scandal if the press got wind of it.

Whitney has worked hard to build a new life as a horse trainer far away from media attention and, much like Matthew, she hopes the press doesn't recognize her. She feels she has to prove herself to him, which infuriates her because she has changed, and why can't he accept this? But Matthew is so darned attractive, and soon they're pulled into passionate kisses that lead to more. She's aware their time together is brief, but why is she dreading the time when they have to say goodbye? Can Whitney walk away from Matthew without her heart breaking?

Scandal swirls around the lives of Whitney and Matthew in A BEAUMONT CHRISTMAS WEDDING and they can never seem to escape it. They both feel this connection between them, yet can't foresee any future together. Readers who have read The Beaumont Heirs series will recognize Phillip and Jo from TEMPTED BY A COWBOY, and it's best to have read at least that book to get a sense of what's going on. There are plenty of Beaumont heirs, so it's a sure bet Sarah M. Anderson will have many more tales to tell readers. If you love a passionate story of redemption and overcoming adversity, then A BEAUMONT CHRISTMAS WEDDING is a tale not to be missed.

Patti Fischer

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