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A REAL COWBOY – Sarah M. Anderson
Harlequin Desire #2211
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-73224-1
February 2013
Contemporary Series Romance

Near Billings, Montana – Present Day

Producer Thalia Thorne has idolized movie star James Robert Bradley since her teenage years. She has watched every movie he ever made and tried to follow his career, until he disappeared from Hollywood ten years ago.  Finally, she's found him in Montana, on a horse ranch, no less!  Enthralled with his movies and acting ability, Thalia has always wanted to meet this former megastar, and when the opportunity to produce a new movie fell into her lap, she persuaded her boss to send her to Montana to bring Bradley back to Hollywood.

Now, Thalia is standing next to her car outside the man's house in 30 below weather.  She watches Bradley race toward her at full gallop on his horse, and just like in the movies, he pulls his horse to a sudden stop merely inches from her frozen toes.  There is no smile on his face; in fact, he rudely tells her to get off his ranch or be shot. Thalia is shocked.  Bradley doesn't even invite her inside the house, out of the cold, he just turns his horse and disappears into the barn.  Thalia wants to cry.  She's trying to make a name for herself in Hollywood, and this is her last chance.  If she can't persuade James Robert to take the part in this movie, she might as well go back to Oklahoma and live with her mother.

JR Bradley is A REAL COWBOY, and he's nearly too hot for Thalia to handle.  She desperately tries to talk him into returning to acting.  But JR is unmovable.  He left Hollywood as soon as he could rid himself of his over-bearing and controlling mother, purchased land in Montana, and built a real working cattle ranch where he now lives with his new-found family, Minnie and her son Hoss.  When JR walked away from the Hollywood glamour, he left James Robert behind forever.  Now, he simply goes by JR, and he wants nothing to do with his old life.

With insurmountable odds, JR and Thalia struggle through getting to know each other.  JR does not trust Thalia; he knows she only wants something from him, just like everyone else in Hollywood, and he fights his attraction to her.  Meanwhile, Thalia tries to keep her own attraction to JR from getting out of hand.  Secondary characters in this story are scattered in all the right places to lend real substance and move the story along.

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