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The Bolton Brothers , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2254
ISBN: 978-0-373-73267-8
September 2013
Series Romance

Near Rapid City, South Dakota – Present Day

Single mother Jenny Wawasuck will do anything to protect her teenage son, Seth, but it doesn't stop his interest in bad boy “Wild” Billy Bolton. Billy is currently building a motorcycle at the Pine Ridge Charter School where she teaches and Seth attends. Add in the fact that Billy's brother Bobby is also filming Billy and the bike building for “webisodes” on the internet, the school has a crazy-like atmosphere that Jenny isn't happy about. When Jenny has a run-in with Bobby, Billy steps in to smooth things down…and indicates just how much he is aware of Jenny, much to her surprise. Why would a hot-shot and wealthy Bolton brother be interested in Jenny, a woman who lives paycheck to paycheck?

Billy thinks Jenny is one hot lady, but thinks he isn't good enough for her. Oh, yeah, he has been very aware of her and wouldn't mind going out with her, but she gives off a “do not touch” attitude that he soon overcomes when he sneaks in some kisses. Billy wants more, but getting her alone is hard to do, what with both Seth and Bobby always around, so when a Bachelor Auction is proposed, Billy makes sure it's Jenny who ends up winning the bidding to be his date.

As the rough and tough Bolton brother, Billy doesn't let too many get close to him, especially women. But something about Jenny appeals to him, and he'd like to spend some time alone with her. However, that is nearly impossible—the only time he can see her is at school, where there are cameras filming his every move for the webisodes. But he is willing to try anything that works in order to see her—including cleaning up his potty mouth. Meanwhile, he takes Seth under his wing in building a motorcycle that will be auctioned at the charity event. This allows Billy to be around Jenny more, and he really starts to like her. If only he can convince her that under the gruff exterior of Wild Billy is a nice guy.

Jenny became a single mom at a very young age, and her son sometimes is impossible to control. He needs a male touch, but that isn't going to happen because Jenny doesn't date. Yet, the air sizzles between her and Billy when they're around each other. Dare she let their relationship go beyond kisses? Jenny feels out of place in Billy's world, just as he does in hers. As a Native American, she doesn't feel comfortable in the white man's world. Billy has to contend with a bit of distrust from those on the reservation, despite the fact that another of Billy's brothers is married to a tribal member. But there is no denying the smoldering desire between Billy and Jenny.

The second book in The Bolton Brothers series about a family who owns a high end motorcycling business, BRINGING HOME THE BACHELOR could be read as a standalone, but I highly recommend reading the first book, STRADDLING THE LINE. The next tale in the series will be Bobby's, and this guy has been a bit of a jerk in the first two books. Will he finally be tamed?

Because Jenny and Billy have so many people around them a lot of the time in BRINGING HOME THE BACHELOR, it takes a bit before they are alone and can act upon the desire that simmers between them. But there's plenty of hot chemistry and emotion that makes BRINGING HOME THE BACHELOR a stellar read. Grab this before it's off the shelves.

Patti Fischer
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