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The Bolton Brothers , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2267
ISBN: 978-0-373-73280-7
November 2013
Contemporary Series Romance

Rapid City, South Dakota – Present Day

Two months ago, Bobby Bolton attended a party celebrating the new season of his family's reality motorcycle television series and met Stella Caine. Bobby didn't realize until later—after he'd made love to her—that she was the only child of the man who produces and owns the series. Getting involved with Stella would deep six the show, so he vowed to stay away from her despite not being able to forget their night together. But Stella is now on his doorstep to announce she's pregnant—with Bobby's baby.

Stella's relationship with her cold father has never been good, but she fears it will only get worse when he learns she's pregnant. She's not sure yet what she wants to do about the baby, but she has to tell Bobby. His first reaction is to marry her; after all, the Bolton men do what is the honorable thing. Stella immediately rejects the proposal, because for a woman who has spent most of her life feeling unloved, she doesn't want to end up in a loveless marriage. Yet, even Stella can't deny that there's this sizzle of desire between her and Bobby.

An unexpected encounter leads to a pregnancy in EXPECTING A BOLTON BABY by Sarah M. Anderson, the final book in The Bolton Brothers series. Bobby is the ultimate confirmed bachelor who isn't afraid to pursue a woman he wants, but he's playing with fire getting involved with the daughter of the man who controls his destiny. However, Bobby can't forget Stella, even if she is trouble for him. He invites her to stay with him while they decide what to do. Bobby wants marriage, hoping it will douse the flames that will no doubt rise once her father finds out there is a bun in the oven. But Stella resolutely refuses marriage, though she realizes her father will likely “punish” Bobby and his family by canceling their show and future projects. What can they do?

Stella's father is a coldhearted man, but a savvy businessman with all the right connections and power. Bobby and his family have a successful specialty motorcycle manufacturing business, but their foray into reality television has made them stars—and tons of money. All that could go down the drain if Stella's father pulls the plug, despite the fact that the future of his grandchild is involved. Stella's emotions are raw, not just because of the pregnancy, but due to her father's rejection of her affections. Yet, Bobby's tenderness soon finds her falling in love with him. Is his attention due to her—or because of the baby?

An emotional tale of a couple who came together in a fiery passion but didn't have the time to explore the attraction they felt for each other, and, in EXPECTING A BOLTON BABY, Bobby and Stella finally have the chance. Will Bobby be able to save his family's show and win a future for Stella and their baby? Find out the answer in the fascinating EXPECTING A BOLTON BABY.

Patti Fischer
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