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HIS FOR ONE NIGHT – Sarah M. Anderson
First Family of Rodeo , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2656
ISBN: 978-1-335-60358-6
April 2019
Contemporary Series Romance

Nashville, Tennessee – Present Day

Over a year ago, rising country singer Brooke Bonner had a blazing one-night stand with rodeo superstar Flash Lawrence. They haven't seen one another since, though neither has apparently forgotten about the other. One night, Brooke is performing at the Bluebird Café in Nashville when her Spidey senses tell her that Flash is nearby. His sudden appearance there shocks her, though she's been thinking about him because she needs to have a little chat with him. What do they need to talk about? Well, Brooke had his baby a few months ago…

The moment Flash sees Brooke performing at the Bluebird Café, desire for her rises again. He happens to be in town for a rodeo event and when he saw the advertisement for her performance, he had to go. Brooke disappeared for a few months from public view and this will be her first show in months. After finally reconnecting with her, it doesn't take long before they're having sex. But Brooke must push him away afterwards because she has to tell Flash about his son, James. How will he react?

The instant Flash and Brooke met for the first-time months ago, sparks flew, and they couldn't get enough of one another that night. But their careers are different, so they couldn't continue their fling to see where it would lead. Then, Brooke mysteriously dropped out of sight. Why didn't she tell Flash he was going to be a daddy? Because he has a reputation of being a notorious womanizer and a history of brawling. Brooke didn't want to be tied to a man like that or have her child exposed to it. But one of the first things Flash says after finding out he's a daddy is to demand that they get married. Of course, Brooke says no. Now they battle it out for the best way to proceed with their future co-parenting.

Flash isn't just a rodeo performer as he's also part of the wealthy Lawrence family, though Brooke doesn't realize how rich he is. Could he use his family's wealth and influence to take James away or force her into a marriage she doesn't want? There is also the matter of publicity. The press yet hasn't gotten wind of the fact that Brooke gave birth and once they realize it's Flash's baby, there will be a feeding frenzy. In HIS FOR ONE NIGHT, Brooke and Flash have to navigate how they'll present their son to the world.

It is a battle of wills over a baby and the attraction that refuses to die down in HIS FOR ONE NIGHT. It's clear they're sexually attracted, but can there be more between Brooke and Flash? Will being a father change his behavior? Find out in this intriguing and emotional tale.

Patti Fischer
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