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Little Secrets , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2536
ISBN: 978-0-373-83863-9
August 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

Rapid City, South Dakota – Present Day

Wealthy businessman Seth Bolton is on his motorcycle headed to his former college roommate's wedding when he spots a limo pulled off to the side of the road. Curious, he stops, and discovers the bride has run away from her own wedding. After listening to Kate Burroughs's story about having second thoughts and the fact that she's pregnant, he agrees to drive her on his bike to a hotel. But first, he has to help her take off the petticoat she's wearing. So close to her nearly naked skin drives him crazy, and he can't stop thinking about her for days after they part. Seth does a little digging and shows up at the real estate office where she works, with the excuse he's looking to buy property.

Kate plans to rebuild her life after breaking it off with a fiancé she doesn't love, a baby he doesn't want, and parents who think she's made the wrong choice. When Seth walks into the office, she's flustered. She has no business feeling attracted to him, but the sexy biker businessman is like no man she's ever met before. Seth is not only nice, but he's attentive…and his hot kisses drive her nearly insane. While she's showing him homes, they're building something else together, including having insanely hot sex. But a single and pregnant mom-to-be can't expect the unfettered bachelor to marry her, right?

Seth was raised right by his mother and adoptive father, and this includes treating women with respect. When he spots the limo along the side of the road, he makes the decision to check and make sure everything is all right. Kate is beautiful and in distress, and Seth knows he has to whisk her away. He could've walked away and never seen her again, but she intrigues him. Yes, he could buy a house in Rapid City, one he'll only be living in six months out of the year, but why go to all the trouble of hiring Kate? Their attraction intensifies and they're soon making love. While Kate and Seth enjoy their “no strings attached” affair, he knows he'll have to tell her that he'll be leaving the country soon. Will the breakup be painful for both?

Kate is an only child and her parents impressed upon her about marrying the “right man” and never embarrassing them. Dumping her ex, Roger, a man her parents approved, and getting pregnant leads to her parents kicking her out. Thankfully, an old friend gave her a job selling real estate, and she is hoping to save up enough money for her and her child. Seth is like Kate's fairy godfather…he's helpful, showers her with gifts and affection. It's no wonder that she falls in love with him. But she can't let him know, because she has too much going on to ask him for permanency. He'll likely be out of her life, and Kate will just have to carry on again…alone.

LITTLE SECRETS: CLAIMING HIS PREGNANT BRIDE is an intriguing and enjoyable tale, with the added bonus of great sexual chemistry between Seth and Kate, and one that I highly recommend.

Patti Fischer
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