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Billionaires and Babies
Harlequin Desire #2642
ISBN: 978-1-335-60344-9
February 2019
Contemporary Series Romance

Chicago, Illinois – Present Day

For nearly three years, Dr. Robert Wyatt has come into the same bar five nights a week and is waited on by the same bartender, Jeannie Kaufman, always leaving a big tip behind. But when Jeannie is suddenly not there, Robert is distraught. She is the only one who listens to him, though their chats are not personal. Using his prominence and wealth, he pulls some strings and learns that she is caring for her now motherless baby niece, Melissa. Robert soon has Jeannie's home address. Before Jeannie can tell him no, he's hired her a nanny and a maid, claiming that he wants her back at the bar because she is the only one who knows how to prepare his drink.

Jeannie was already feeling overwhelmed after losing her sister shortly after she gave birth. She never expected to be responsible for a baby and doesn't know how to stop Melissa from crying. Then Robert pulls up in his chauffeured limo and showers her and Melissa with gifts. He says he wants Jeannie back to work, but she knows it will still be a while. She doesn't want to accept his gifts, but he refuses to hear her say no. Of course, Robert begins to hang around them and Jeannie is soon falling for the attractive doctor. But deep down, she suspects there's something more to his needing her than a simple drink…

In SEDUCTION ON HIS TERMS, Robert never thought he needed anyone until he met Jeannie in the bar. She never judged him or told him what to do as he sat there. She became his comfort and, soon, his reason to keep moving in life. The moment she's not there serving him, he is distraught and seeks to bring her back. He may seem to have it all—wealth, fame, and the good life—but deep down there is darkness in his life. Robert's father is an evil and dangerous man who is literally holding his wife (Robert's mother) hostage as a peg to keep his son in line. Robert has a plan to rescue his mother and thwart his father. Will Jeannie find out and help him?

Jeannie wasn't close to her sister growing up, but once her sister announced her sperm donor pregnancy and that she wanted them to be a family again, everything seemed to be going right…until her sister died. Right now, Jeannie's first priority is Melissa. After that, she isn't sure what will happen, mainly because raising a child is expensive. Jeannie's first instinct is to refuse Robert's “gifts” but she has to admit he's helpful. Being around each other causes things to heat up between them. Yet, Robert's childhood and treatment by his father has him holding back—even though he's clearly attracted to Jeannie. They will have a lot to go through before they can find happiness together.

SEDUCTION ON HIS TERMS is an emotional tale that will tug at your heart. Life hasn't been easy for either Jeannie or Robert, but they're clearly made for each other. Don't miss this intriguing and sensual tale.

Patti Fischer
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