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TEMPTED BY A COWBOY – Sarah M. Anderson
The Beaumont Heirs , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2333
ISBN: 978-0-373-73346-0
October 2014
Contemporary Series Romance

Beaumont Farms (near Denver), Colorado – Present Day

As the family bad boy who doesn't know how to stop his spendthrift ways, Phillip Beaumont's latest equestrian acquisition is a rare horse that needs taming. He hires noted horse trainer Jo Spears, who arrives on the ranch to start her job. Her first impression of Phillip is that he's a drunken playboy with too much time on his hands and thinks she can be his latest conquest. Not if Jo can keep him at arm's length. Ten years ago she was a lot like Phillip in that she drank and ran around wild, but a horrific accident left both physical and mental scars. And she's not going to get off the wagon by getting involved with Phillip Beaumont.

Phillip likes a challenge and sees Jo as just another one for him to win. But after learning that not only could he face the loss of the farm and his horses after his brother announces he's selling the family company, he has to focus on sobriety and convincing his brother or the corporation taking over that Beaumont Farms is an important part of the company's image. Phillip turns to Jo for help, and she reluctantly agrees. They both know that there's a spark of desire between them. They seem as different from each other as possible—he as the partying playboy and she the no-nonsense horse trainer—so why are they attracted to each other? Will the desire turn into full-fledged passion? Can he kick his drinking habit and turn his life around?

Sarah M. Anderson writes an almost dark tale with TEMPTED BY A COWBOY. Phillip has marched through life being the care-free and partying Beaumont brother who thinks nothing of dropping a few million on buying a stud horse, which is exactly what he did when he purchased Kandar's Golden Sun. Unfortunately, the horse is as skittish as rain on a metal roof. Jo's knack for soothing animals has given her the nickname (which she despises) of a horse whisperer. After her youthful indiscretions that turned tragic, she has vowed to remain single and independent, preferring life among horses. Her only companion is a miniature donkey named Itty Bitty Betty.

Phillip is not your usual tough and rough Desire hero. He's considered the “weak” Beaumont brother whose goal in life is having a good time at parties and being with women. Meeting Jo has him realizing how pointless his life has become, especially since he may lose running the horse farm if it's decided to be a losing venture. For once in his life, Phillip has something he's going to work hard at. He finds himself drawn to Jo, though she should be the last type he could fall in love with. However, love is a strange animal, and soon they can't live without one another. But if Phillip falls off the wagon, will Jo stick around to pick up the pieces?

An intriguing and emotional tale, TEMPTED BY THE COWBOY features a couple who aren't perfect, but they're made for each other. Will they battle the odds to find their happily-ever-after in TEMPTED BY THE COWBOY?

Patti Fischer
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