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THE NANNY PLAN – Sarah M. Anderson
Billionaires and Babies Series
Harlequin Desire #2366
ISBN: 978-0-373-73379-8
April 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

San Francisco, California – Present Day

College student Trish Hunter originally met tech billionaire Nate Longmire when she made herself known at an event he appeared at and asked him to donate to her cause, a charity for Native American Indian children. After arranging to meet again two weeks later, Trish shows up that day at this house to discover Nate's life in disarray…he now has custody of his orphaned niece, Jane, and doesn't have a clue how to manage. As the oldest sibling in a large family, Trish is able to nicely step in to help Nate. He wants her to stay on for a month while he interviews nannies, and he's willing to pay Trish a lot of money to do so. She agrees, but has one stipulation: no sex between them. Shouldn't be too hard, except there is this tingling of desire pulsing between them.

Nate willingly admits he doesn't have much experience in how to deal with women. The one woman he did fall for cheated on him…with his own brother. Since then he has avoided most female relationships, and the agreement with Trish on no sex shouldn't be any problem. However, there's something about her that attracts him, and soon he wants to renege on their agreement.  But Trish has her own insecurities as her mother went from one relationship to another with no thought to the consequences of bringing a child into the world despite little money. Trish doesn't want to fall in love and be at the beck and call of any man. When her thirty days is up, she's going to walk away, but will her heart have another say in the matter?

You have to love a book with a cute, adorable baby, and when you add in one that is orphaned, then THE NANNY PLAN fits the bill nicely. Nate is the geek who invented something that made him billions, and as such, he has dealt with more than his share of weasels along the way. Because of this, his trust issues are hard to overcome. Trish has her own issues, mainly because she was the one taking care of her family most of the time while she grew up. She is a proud Lakota Indian, and she's on a mission to provide for tribal members back home, which is how she came into contact with Nate in the first place. He's very generous once he realizes that she can provide care for his niece and he will donate thousands of dollars to her cause.

THE NANNY PLAN is an emotional tale that will have readers falling in love with a couple who are shy when it comes to romance. Nate and Trish have this almost instant connection, and readers will soon be rooting for them to find their happiness. Slowly and surely, they build trust between them, but will it be enough to break down the wall they've put up to keep away true happily-ever-after love? Find out for yourself in this intriguing tale.

Patti Fischer
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