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ADDING HEAT - Cris Anson
The Cougar Challenge
Ellora's Cave www.ellorascave.com
ISBN: 978-1-41993-059-1
November 2010
Erotic Contemporary Romance - Short Story

Pennsylvania - Present Day

Giselle Sheridan decides to join some friends she made during an erotic romance conference and take the Cougar Challenge. After four years as a widow, Giselle is looking for romance and companionship again, but – like her new friends – is looking for younger men. She still has her doubts about dating someone as young as her employees, but then she meets her aunt's new accountant. Conlan Trowbridge inspires quite a few interesting fantasies and, by the look in his eyes, the interest is mutual. Giselle thought that the twelve year age difference would keep the affair between them temporary, but the more time she spends with Con, the more she hopes that it will last a lifetime.

Now that she's gotten through the grief of losing her husband and started building a life for herself again, Giselle is ready for more and gets it in ADDING HEAT. She worries about what her grown children and her employees might think, but she wants to take a chance, and Con seems perfect. Smart and hot, he's also sensitive to her worries and endears himself to her while also making her blood boil. Things between them are complicated a bit by Larry, the foreman at the company Giselle owns, and a long-time friend of her late husband. His admission of his feelings for her couldn't come at a worse time, and his subtle digs about being with someone her own age only exacerbate her concerns.

A steamy romantic tale, look for ADDING HEAT.

Jennifer Bishop

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