ALL I WANT FOR CHRIISTMAS… - Lori Wilde, Kathleen O'Reilly, Candace Havens
Harlequin Blaze #727
ISBN: 978-0-373-79731-8
December 2012
Series Anthology

Pine Crest, Virginia - Present Day

Three sizzling tales tied to a fire that destroys an historic mansion and the three brave men of valor who were involved in responding.

Christmas Kisses – Lori Wilde

The fire at the mansion is suspected of being arson, and Police Sergeant Noah Briscoe's top suspect is Santa Claus! Defense attorney Alana O'Hara takes on the case and won't let Noah ruin Christmas, even if he does hate the holidays. Noah and Alana tried to date in the past, but it was never the right time. Now working against each other on this case suddenly has them unable to stop thinking about each other.

A man who dresses like Santa Claus and thinks he's the man brings together Noah and Alana in Christmas Kisses . Is there some magic at work, or is fate involved? Both Noah and Alana think the other is hot, but the detective who thinks life is either black or white and the attorney who likes to think there are good things to be found in everyone have a hard time reaching a compromise. Will the good tidings of the holiday let them reach a compromise?

Smoldering and sexy, Christmas Kisses is a hot start to ALL I WANT FOR CHRISMAS…

Baring It All – Kathleen O'Reilly

The woman rescued from the fire at the mansion by paramedic Eric Marshall has no memory, but he knows her all too well. She's Chloe Skidmore and Eric's one big regret from their schooldays together. She has no place to go, so Eric offers her his house. She seems changed from when he last knew her, but is it the lack of memory or has she really changed? Will her staying with him reignite the attraction that never died?

Eric doesn't know why Chloe is back in town and is curious about her motives since she hasn't any relatives or close friends nearby. She seems softer and vulnerable, and in Baring It All, Eric's protectiveness kicks in. As the sizzling attraction rises between them, the closer Chloe becomes to remembering her name. Once she does, will this be the end of anything between them?

A sexy paramedic and a woman from his past share a reunited Christmas in Baring It All .

A Hot December Night – Candace Havens

Assistant Fire Chief Jason Turner is busy investigating the fire, but he's being distracted by being roped into helping to plan a Christmas Eve ball. The person in charge, sexy and beautiful Kristen Lovejoy, invites him out for a night of planning. Kristen is trying to impress Jason but things go wrong…from the bad hair to the tight dress that splits. Jason isn't looking for a relationship, but why does Kristen tempt him into changing his tune? Will there be more than party planning going on between these two?

There's no denying the chemistry between Jason and Kristen in A Hot December Night , but they never can seem to get together until they're thrown together to plan the ball. Despite her mishaps, Jason begins to see Kristen in another light, and the smoking hot chemistry is about to explode between them.

A funny, sexy romance, A Hot December Night is one I wished had been expanded because I loved the interaction between Jason and Kristen. Entertaining and hot!

All three heroes in ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS… have an aversion to Christmas, and it takes some sexy hijinks with the heroines to make them change their minds. If you love men who fight fires, rescue people, and protect us, then grab this one at your favorite book store.

Patti Fischer