HUNGER – Eve Langlais; Kate Douglas & A. C. Arthur
St. Martin's Press
ISBN-13:  978-1-250-07860-5
May 2017
Paranormal Romance Anthology

Alpha's Mate – Eve Langlais

She is duct taped and riding in the truck of a car.  She can hear two men trying to decide the best way to kill her without leaving behind fingerprints or clues.  Too bad they forgot to bring rubber gloves; obviously these guys aren't professional killers.  She can hear that they are somewhere by a forest because of the mosquitoes trying to bite her.  They decide the best way to take care of her is dump her in a lake.  Oh, did I mention, she can't remember who she is or why they are trying to kill her?

Fabian hears a body hit the water, and immediately jumps in to save whoever it was, and then the bullets are flying at them in the water.  Was he some kind of nut to save a damsel in distress?  When he meets the feisty and hard headed woman who doesn't even know her name, he also knows one thing—she is his mate.

Trying to convince her she is Fabian's mate, and also having to prevent and find out why someone is trying to kill her while waiting until she regains her memory is a hard job.  Fabian's sense of humor and her inability to accept that Fabian is a shape shifter makes this a delightful story.

Dangerous Passions – Kate Douglas
California-Present Day

Once again we are visiting the Feral Passions Resort, a place that has just been open one year and mated all but two of the werewolf's in Traker Jakes pack.  Just Traker and Evan Dark have not been mated, until a lady from last summer, Darnell Deya, returns to reconnect with Evan.  Her time with Evan last summer never led to sex, but she has not had a moment's peace with thinking about him and the tame wolf that she met then.  Evan invites her to stay with him, and perhaps he will now have the bravery to tell her what he is and make her his mate.

Traker meets Chelo after she agrees to provide the flowers from her flower shop for the first wedding at the Feral Passions Resort.  Maybe they will turn it into a wedding facility next summer; the pack isn't sure what direction to take.  Chelo came from an abusive clan; can Traker and his friends persuade her to join them, and know that they will protect her?

Once again, Feral Passions Resort brings true love to the pack, and highlights Evan and Darnell as they rekindle their love, and Chelo and Traker, as he shows her that she can be safe with them.

Bound To The Wolf – A. C. Arthur

Marena is attending the law firm's anniversary party at a plush hotel when fellow attorney Davis Sumpter follows her to her room, and while trying to rape her, bites her on the shoulder.  Marena had a gun in her purse, and empties it into Davis and faints.  When she wakes up, no one is there, and she is sick.  The next morning Davis hasn't shown up for work and they've found blood in her hotel room.  Seems simple to jump in her car and just drive away, arriving in Montana several days later.  The bite is still making her sick, and she stops at a hotel to try to recover.

Phelan Savan is an enforcer for his alpha, Blaez, a half lycan/demi-god created by Zeus in the Olympic realm.  Years ago Phelan got involved with Eureka, a fury, who took a part of him and turned him into the hard man he is today.  She has a hold on him with sex. As a lycan he has an insatiable sexual appetite, but he has control over his body, and his mind craves the release he obtains just watching her.  After meeting and smelling Marena as he is driving his motorcycle, he takes her back to his clan before she reaches the full moon and her first shift.  They also can tell the lycan who changed her is coming back to claim her as his mate.

Three intriguing stories, full of wit, powerful shifters, and now the shifters' connection to the gods of old and Olympia, HUNGER will fulfil your shifter fantasies and have you laughing, reliving the hurt of a woman abused by her pack, and another woman changed against her will and  finding the one man who truly cares for her.

Carolyn Crisher