ON THE HUNT - Alexandra Ivy, Rebecca Zanetti, Dianne Duvall, Hannah Jayne
Zebra Books
ISBN: 978-1-4201-2513-9
September 2015
Paranormal Romance Anthology

Four popular paranormal authors bring us some entertaining stories featuring characters from your favorite series as well as introducing a new series.  Whether you're in the mood for vampires or immortals, ON THE HUNT has a little something for everyone.

On The Hunt - Alexandra Ivy

The Sentinels , Book 2.5
Louisiana - Present Day

As Mika Tanner is one of the best trackers in the Sentinels, it's no surprise he's sent to find Jacob, an acolyte who stole a car and disappeared from the monastery where he was being trained as a Sentinel.  For Mika, the surprise comes when he tracks Jacob to the cottage of a local healer, Bailey Morrell.  At one time, Mika and Bailey planned to marry, but Bailey wasn't happy with the rules and confines of their lives and left. Mika has never forgotten the only woman he's ever loved, and now he'll have to work with her to find a missing boy.

In On the Hunt, Mika and Bailey are given a second chance at love thanks to a missing boy and a fanatical group intent on wiping out a race of extraordinary beings.  Part of the Sentinels series, enough information is given about the Sentinels in the prologue that anyone new to the series won't be confused.

Scorpius Rising - Rebecca Zanetti

The Scorpius Syndrome , Book 0.5
Washington D.C. - Present Day

A newly discovered bacteria is spreading a deadly disease, and microbiologist Nora Medina has been called in to help.  Nora knows she's in for a challenge when she realizes she'll be working with her ex, Deacan McDougall.  When one of Nora's team is infected, it's a race against time to figure out just what they are dealing with and find a cure.

Too young when they married, now that they've matured, Nora and Deacan have another shot to see where their relationship could go, while in the middle of saving the world from what could be a deadly pandemic.  The prequel to the Scorpius Syndrome series, Scorpius Rising will intrigue readers.

Phantom Embrace - Dianne Duvall

Immortal Guardians , Book 6.5
North Carolina - Present Day

Through his five hundred years, Yuri Sokolov has learned that speaking with the spirits he sees isn't a very good idea, but something about the spirit staying at the home of David, second in command of the Immortal Guardians, with all of the Immortals, urges him to break his rule.  Her name is Cat Seddon, and the more Yuri talks to her, the more he wants from their relationship.  For the first time in a very long time, Yuri is contemplating a future with a woman.  But what kind of future can he have with a ghost?

Two lonely souls come together in Phantom Embrace.  Yuri is solitary by nature, although he enjoys living with his fellow warriors, but he's never imagined a relationship because of his immortality.  Cat has spent a couple centuries watching over her brother, in spite of the fact that he isn't aware of her presence.  She's been intrigued by Yuri since he moved in, but she didn't know he could see her.

Stake Out - Hannah Jayne

Manhattan, New York City - Present Day

With only two days until the beginning of Fashion Week, the last thing vampire and fashion designer Nina LaShay needs is one of her supermodels making a play for Nina's sort-of boyfriend, Pike. Correction; the last thing she needs is to find that supermodel dead in her studio the morning after Nina fires her and hints at the woman's imminent death.  But when the model sits up, Nina knows she's got something much worse on her hands: a Halfling hungry vampire with a grudge.  How is she ever going to get her collection completed before Fashion Week begins now?

Stake Out is a fun paranormal mystery.  After a century as a vampire, Nina has found a new passion in fashion design, and this annoying supermodel becoming a crazed vampire is really cutting into her plans for the week.  Worse, this isn't the first time Nina has found a body, and it's not exactly easy explaining things to the local police.

Jennifer Bishop