SAY YES TO THE SCOT – Lecia Cornwell, Anna Harrington, May McGoldrick, Sabrina York
A Highland Wedding Box Set, e-Book
St. Martin's Swerve
ISBN: 9781250158383
June 20, 2017
Historical Romance Anthology

Four stories of love, the first with a touch of magic . . .

Scotland's Highlands in Days of Yore

Having an ancestor who married the daughter of the queen of the fairies brought luck to the Munro Clan of Culmore Castle, but dealing with magic can be a mixed bag. After the death of his father, the new laird, Alexander Munro, has only a few weeks to find and marry his true love or die. His aunt invites four young ladies with good dowries to the castle for him to choose from.

Cait MacLeod, one of the twelve daughters of the Fiercesome McLeod, travels to the Sutherland lands to marry a cousin on her mother's side. Once there, she's horrified to learn he is a bad man who plans a raid on the neighboring Munro clan.

Kincardine, Scotland, 1809 and 1819

Garrick McGuiness, son of a blacksmith, worked for the local Laird. He had a chance to become head groom for another, but it would mean leaving his love behind . . . unless she went with him. Arabel Rowland enjoyed the freedom she found visiting her uncle in the Highlands; she also found love with Garrick. The two planned to elope, but then trouble found her own family and she could not abandon them. Their parting was difficult with both being deeply hurt.

Ten years later, Garrick has received an English title and estate from the Prince Regent for his gallantry in the war against the French. He's back in Scotland now and is surprised to learn his former employer has willed him half of Castle Highburn; the other half goes to Arabel. They must both live there a full month or forfeit all to the other. Can they learn to see one another's side and forgive each other?

Sterling Castle, Scotland, the Summer of 1484

Elizabeth Hay was three years old when she was betrothed to seven year old Alexander Macpherson. When she turned eighteen, she used to dream about the romantic Highlander coming to court her . . . she dreamed and she waited, dreamed and waited. Now, at twenty three, she no longer wishes to give up her life for this ships' captain—this pirate. Her father is a famous architect who takes her with him wherever he goes, often to royal courts. She likes her life. Right now she's at Stirling Castle, the court of Queen Margaret of Denmark, wife of James III, where the meeting—and wedding—are finally to take place. So is her husband to be, but so far Elizabeth has managed to avoid him. With the queen's connivance, a plan is concocted to persuade the groom to back out of the agreement.

Alexander Macpherson, laird of Benmore castle and owner of a dozen ships is known as the Black Cat of the Highlands. He's a trader and privateer. He's also big and handsome with many friends and admirers. His attempts to see his-bride-to be have failed. When she finally meets with him, she pretends to be someone else. The plot unfolds with much drama and suspense, as well as danger.

THE SCOT SAYS I DO – Sabrina York

London, the Regency Era, perhaps?

After the death of her father, Baron Ross, Catherine has no family left but her brother Peter, who is trying to marry her off to some rich lordling. But after spending much of her youth in Scotland, these London men are nothing but annoying. She just can't seem to forget the groom from the estate in Scotland on whom she had a mad crush. Duncan Mackay saved her from dying from drowning, but then he seemed to want nothing to do with her. Duncan didn't mean to be cruel, but Cat was way above him, and besides, she was only twelve. Since then, Duncan has made his way in the world and is now in London where he is in a position to save Peter from debtors' prison . . . and marry his Little Cat, if she would have him. Ha! Not likely after the way he was mean and suddenly disappeared . . .

Noteworthy minor characters, battles of wits and humorous banter between Catherine and Duncan, plus a hot love scene or two, mark this last tale in the collection.

The pages are not numbered in SAY YES TO THE SCOT , but these are not short novellas; every one of the four stories is worth the low price of this box set. I don't think I could choose a favorite. Treat yourself to hours of enjoyment with them. You won't be sorry!

Jane Bowers