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THE COMEBACK COWBOY – Maisey Yates, Caitlin Crews, Jackie Ashenden, and Nicole Helm
ISBN: 978-1-335-50818-8
April 25, 2023
Contemporary Romance Anthology

Jasper Creek, Oregon – Present Day 

It’s a return to their old summer camp in THE COMEBACK COWBOY. Will the women and men of this tale find everlasting love? 

The One with the Hat – Jackie Ashenden 

Bree White hated Camp Phoenix when she was there back when she was a wild teen. Everyone in town knows that Bree and her family had criminal tendencies and it was proven true after she was caught shoplifting. She hated the rules and regulations, and the rigors of the camp didn’t make her change her mind. Her old nemesis was Flint Decker, the young officer who’d arrested her on the shoplifting charge. To her chagrin, Flint is one of the men behind the restoration of Camp Phoenix. She hopes she can avoid him, but she can’t. He’s as annoying as ever.  

In The One with the Hat, Bree returns to a place she’d rather not be but it’s all for a good cause. She has grown up to be a top-notch real estate agent in Jasper Creek, but Flint makes her feel like a teenager again. Yet, as much as she claims to dislike him, the more she finds him attractive. Will the two finally hit it off—or will they let the past come between them? 

The One with the Locket – Caitlin Crews 

Attorney Violet Cook feels her stay at Camp Phoenix ten years ago saved her life. Back then, she had a crush on camp counselor Lincoln Traeger, who is now a U.S. Marshal. He teased her back then and continues to this day, especially since Violet dresses in outfits totally unsuited to working on cleaning up a camp. But she wants to prove Lincoln wrong, that she is capable of doing anything she wants. As they circle around each other, readers sense that it will soon come to a head, and they will give in to their attraction.  

The One with the Locket features Violet, who is pretty hardnosed at getting what she wants. She needs that after being raised with brothers who are criminals. She wants to prove that she is not like her brothers. Lincoln admires her, yet he has a tough time cracking her hard shell. Can he convince her that he is the man that can love and cherish her? 

The One with the Bullhorn – Nicole Helm 

For former DEA agent Jackson Hart, starting a new life by reopening Camp Phoenix was a way to forget about the past. He goes pretty much by the rules, which includes annoying Kinley Parker. Ten years ago, their paths crossed at Camp Phoenix. Never one to follow the rules, Kinley decides to get back at Jackson by stealing the bugle he uses every morning to wake everyone up in camp. As the two butt heads, emotions come pouring out. And it leads to sparks that are threatening to lead to more than hot looks between them.  

Kinley is the cook of the camp and tries to ignore Jackson, but he’s hard to ignore in The One with the Bullhorn. His early morning bugling leads to more than a few confrontations. Jackson is feeling the pain of the injury that led to his retirement from the DEA and the death of his partner. Will Kinley end up being the one to soothe his wounds? It’s not easy for her to love a man, but maybe this time Jackson will be that guy. 

The One with the Trophy – Maisey Yates 

Sheriff’s deputy Clementine McClain is the daughter of the sheriff who founded Camp Phoenix. She is supportive of the people who are planning to rehab and reopen it, and that includes her fellow deputy, Duke Cody. Clementine never felt truly loved by her late father and that has followed her to adulthood. She is a good girl, so when her fellow campmates Bree, Violet, and Kinley challenge her to steal Duke’s high school football trophy, she agrees to lose her “theft virginity.” Duke overhears part of the conversation, the part where she plans to lose her virginity and his mind goes there. Oh, yeah, he can’t wait… 

Sweet and innocent Clementine gets a lesson that she will never forget in The One with the Trophy. She has worked alongside Duke for several years and secretly has a crush on him. Now that he’s looking at her that way, she is as excited as she is scared. Will they finally hook up? 

All four tales are connected by not only the characters all being onsite at Camp Phoenix, but the fact that they know each other from the past. The goal of each female character is to take something belonging to their male nemesis.  THE COMEBACK COWBOY is full of fun and charm. Don’t miss this entertaining tale.  

Patti Fischer
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