THANKS FUR LAST NIGHT – Eve Langlais, Milly Taiden, Kate Baxter
St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN-13:  978-1-25-017874-9
February 2018
Paranormal Anthology

Cole is up in a tree, watching the people in the neighboring property.  Three of the men at Fabian Garoux's property should be shot, and he'd be doing the world a favor.  Fabian is the city's crime lord, and Cole is an assassin, hired to do the job:  no witnesses, no fanfare, no retaliation.  It especially helps that Cole is a bear shifter and can find the guards and patrols and cameras on the property. The only thing is the kill had been cancelled, but Cole is considering doing it for free, until he's caught up the tree.  The woman whose property he is on asks him why he's up in her tree.  A woman caught him unawares—unthinkable.  But…his bear immediately stirs and announces the woman is Mine .

Anja and her grandmother “Babushka” live out of the way in the woods.  After Anja's mother died, and her father had already left her mother, she and Babushka came to America from Russia, and now some kind of Russian gangster sends his hoods to kidnap her and marry him.  Anja and Babushka have a nearly impregnable house, but who could this totally handsome guy be hanging in her tree?

Life will throw Anja a severe test when they all go to Russia and she finds out about the rest of her family and a love that will never leave her.  BEARING HIS SIN is totally fun.

Josilyn Martinez is just trying to raise her nephew, Nick, after her sister died, and trying to stay ahead of the bills.  Josie had been an accountant, but her ex took every dollar in their divorce, and ruined her reputation at the same firm they both worked for.  Now she can only get work cleaning houses; until her neighbor has a bright idea.  She knows of a shifter who needs a fake girlfriend when his grandmother visits town, and the money will pay the bills for months to come.

Xander Ursi is a bear shifter, and though he loves his grandmother to death, when she visits all she will talk about is him getting married.  He'd love to find his true mate, but so far it hasn't happened, so he's doing the best he can and sending an ad for a fake girlfriend for grandmother's next stay.  But when he meets Josilyn as she's about to get attacked in the alley by the restaurant, he can smell immediately that she is his mate.

Now Xander just has to convince Josilyn that they are mates, and find out who is stalking her.  Milly Taiden is always a master at shifter stories, and BOUGHT BY THE BEAR is no different.

THE ALPHA AND I – Kate Baxter
Liam Murphy is the Alpha of his werewolf pack, and several of his members and he were attacked, and somehow he got moved sixty miles away and left in the snow to die.  When he wakes up, his wolf won't let him remember what happened during the attack, and he's so far away from town there is no cell coverage, just a beautiful woman who may have saved his life.

Devon Kincaid was driving home during a blizzard when she sees something by the side of the road, a naked bleeding man.  Using her winch around his body she pulls him up the embankment where he was lying.

A bear shifter is after Liam and his whole pack, and when he finds Devon is his mate, everything must be done to protect her, even before his pack.  THE ALPHA AND I has plenty of action and tension before Liam and Devon are safe.

These are three shifter stories you will love and relish reading, full of individual characters and hunky shifters (aren't they all?).

Carolyn Crisher