UNWRAPPED - Erin McCarthy, Donna Kauffman, Kate Angell
Kensington Brava
ISBN: 978-0-7582-5132-9
October 2011
Romance Anthology

Blue Christmas - Erin McCarthy

Kentucky - Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Blue Farrow is looking forward to getting away from all of the Christmas nonsense and taking a cruise, but on the way to Miami, she hits a snowstorm in Kentucky.  Christian Dawes is looking forward to Christmas with his family in Lexington but the blizzard he's driving through makes his arrival chancy.  Blue skidding out of control in front of Christian's car is going to bring together two totally different people who quickly discover an intense passion for one another.

Blue Christmas is a fun and sexy novella.  Blue is both cynical and sarcastic, which nicely hides her vulnerabilities from the world.  Christian is a nice guy and a bit of a goof, which is surprisingly hard for Blue to resist.  Both find that their feelings run a little deeper than their short acquaintance calls for, but is it deep enough for a lasting relationship to be possible?

Santa In a Kilt - Donna Kauffman

Kinlock, Scotland - Present Day

For two years, Shay Callaghan has kept his interest in Kira MacLeod a secret, knowing that his best friend, Roan, was also interested in her.  But as Shay watches Roan walk down the aisle with his new bride, Tessa, Shay is finally free to go after Kira himself.  Yet, his past and his work as a divorce solicitor make Shay too aware that happily-ever-after doesn't always mean forever. Kira deserves someone who believes in forever, so he does his best to ignore her at the reception.  When Kira calls him on it the next day though, Shay admits to Kira that he wants her, but is he truly willing to open himself up to love?

Shay is a very guarded man, but in Santa in a Kilt, he learns to open up a bit, for Kira.  He admits to himself that Kira is The One, but he's not entirely ready to admit it to her.  For her part, Kira, too, has been hurt in the past, yet she's aware that closing yourself off from the possibility of being hurt also closes the door on the possibility of love.  Kira is willing to take Shay on whatever terms he chooses, knowing that it's the only way for him to realize what they could have.

Snow Angel - Kate Angell

Chicago, Illinois - Christmas Eve

Three years ago, Aidan Dutton met the most amazing woman and, though she disappeared on him before the morning, he hasn't gotten her out of his head yet.  But Fate smiles upon Aidan when he watches Allie walk into his department store just before closing on Christmas Eve—and he has no intention of letting her walk out of his life again.  Allie Smith plans to get her sisters the new signature scent from Dutton's Department Store, but is surprised by the ghost of Christmas Past.  Aidan is just as sexy working in the department store as he was on the slopes of Aspen , and when they, along with five others, get stranded in the store thanks to a blizzard, Allie will have another chance to spend time with him.  But will it be enough time to put her fears of commitment behind her?

What started out as a one-night stand, quickly felt like much more in Snow Angel .  Thanks to Allie's fears, though, she left before morning and has regretted it ever since.  The relationship between them was hot and heavy the first time around, but they also spent time getting to know one another, and their reunion isn't exactly private, making for a sweet and entertaining tale.

Three couples find a bit of fun under their trees in UNWRAPPED.  Several of the characters have reason for being wary of commitment, but with a little Christmas magic, they may just find that happily-ever-after isn't a myth in this sexy holiday anthology.

Jennifer Bishop