DEEP RIVER PROMISE – Jackie Ashenden
Alaska Homecoming , Book 2
Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN: 978-1-7282-1689-8
March 30, 2021
Contemporary Romance

Deep River, Alaska – Present Day

Damon Fitzgerald, along with his two best friends, have the responsibility of ensuring the legacy of their late friend, Caleb, who was killed in an accident. That legacy includes owning the town of Deep River. But Damon has the added responsibility of making sure that Caleb's son—the child no one knew about—is taken care of. It helps that the child, Connor, and his mother, Astrid James, also live in Deep River. Now, how to approach her to let her know that he will be there for them? Using the ruse that he's interested in tourism, he contacts Astrid, who happens to be the mayor. There's a hitch, though, in Damon's plans. Connor is protective of his mother and isn't happy to have Damon around his mother.

Astrid has been raising Connor, now fifteen, on her own all these years and doesn't need anyone's help, especially Damon's. After getting in a bind five years ago, she did allow Caleb to move her to Deep River, where she settled in and no one was aware of who Connor's father is. The knowledge that Damon is in on the secret and was designated by Caleb to take care of her and Connor has her putting up a shield. Astrid has learned that the only people she can trust are herself and Connor.  But Damon is persistent, though he can only be in town a couple of days. His mother has early onset of Alzheimer's, and he needs to return to California to care for her. But in the few days that Damon is there, an attraction develops between him and Astrid. How will Connor react? Both Astrid and Damon feel there can't be a relationship between them, yet there is this burning passion.

Damon is in Deep River reluctantly in DEEP RIVER PROMISE by Jackie Ashenden, the second book in her Alaska Homecoming series. Years ago, Caleb told Damon about the child he fathered and swore him to secrecy. Why? Because he felt embarrassed at literally abandoning Astrid and Connor. Yet, when she turned to him for help, he was there. But again, she couldn't reveal Connor's paternity, even though he looks a lot like Caleb. Damon just wants to make sure Astrid knows that he is there for her and Connor. Of course, being the independent person that she is, Astrid immediately brushes off the help. Torn between his responsibilities in Deep River and Los Angeles, Damon will have to work quickly. But the attraction that sparks between him and Astrid has him wondering if he could stay an extra day or two.

Keeping a secret is hard to do in Deep River, but it's what Astrid and Damon will have to do. Caleb's sister also lives there, yet she hasn't figured out Connor's paternity. The main focus Astrid has right now is bringing income to the town. That is why Damon is researching for potential sources. Of course, the time spent together only brings them closer…and more attracted to each other. How long will it be until Astrid and Damon are locking lips…and making love? Not that secret trysts can be kept under wraps in this small town. Will Damon leave town for good, or will he make plans to return? Can he make any kind of future in Deep River?

A sweet and sensual romance that is both funny and heartwarming, don't miss DEEP RIVER PROMISE.

Patti Fischer