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Small Town Dreams , Book 3
Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN: 978-1-7282-4737-3
August 8, 2023
Contemporary Romance

Brightwater Valley, New Zealand – Present Day

Indigo Jameson is intimidated by men, especially if they’re as charming and outgoing as Levi King. Indigo was raised in a remote part of Alaska by her grandmother after her parents abandoned her. With her grandmother dead and no ties to Alaska, she decided to follow two other women to New Zealand on an offer to open a gift shop in Brightwater. Her new girlfriends, Isabella and Bethany, have found love with local men. Indigo isn’t looking for love—or marriage. But Levi scares her because she is aware of his roguish reputation with women, and she doesn’t want to be another woman that he uses and discards.

Indigo needs a place to live permanently as she cannot continue to stay in a hotel. Levi comes to her offering to build her a tiny home on property he owns above the gallery that she and her friends run—and he won’t charge her rent. But Indigo refuses to accept his charity, even though she has little money of her own. After much haggling back and forth, they agree on a list of conditions in exchange for his building and renting the house to her. One is that she must teach him how to knit. 

Indigo and Levi are soon seeing more of each other than expected in RIGHT WHERE WE BELONG, the final book in the Small Town Dreams series. It was a big jump for her to leave the safe little town of Deep River, Alaska, and fly to New Zealand. Levi’s two partners have gotten involved with Isabella and Bethany, so it’s no surprise that they wonder about Levi and Indigo. But to know her is to understand that she is a bit of a shy wallflower. In fact, she has never been kissed. While talking to Levi one day, she surprises him by thanking him and then kissing him. It only amps up the growing attraction between them. Indigo soon encourages Levi to start a relationship with her that goes beyond friendship. She wants to experience the joys of having sex. She knows that he isn’t the commitment kind and that is okay with her. That is, until she realizes that she wants more.

Levi and Indigo both had childhoods where they were abandoned. Besides her parents leaving her, Levi was raised by a teenage mother until she could no longer take care of him. In and out of foster homes he went, which is why he has trust issues when it comes to love and long-term relationships. He always keeps a part of himself from others, yet he is giving to those around him. While Levi discusses his childhood with Indigo, nothing will change his mind about love. He knows that if you try to love someone, they will eventually abandon you. In RIGHT WHERE WE BELONG, our couple must learn to trust each other. Will it finally lead to love…and marriage?

There is great chemistry between Levi and Indigo in RIGHT WHERE WE BELONG. He is a protector, and she is a nurturer. Her shyness is cute as his challenging her to be more outgoing. They work well together, but it is going to take a while for them to get together. Follow an intriguing journey that will keep readers glued to the pages. Don’t miss RIGHT WHERE WE BELONG.

Patti Fischer

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