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Supernatural Singles, Book 2
St. Martin’s Griffin
ISBN: 9781250808011 (TPB)
ISBN: 9781250808028 E-book)
February 7, 2023
Paranormal Romance (Comedy)

New York – Present Day

Rose Maxwell, the second born of witchy triplets, is no longer the Prima Apparent of the Supernatural Council, not since her oldest twin came late, very late into her own witchy powers. Now Rose is trying to find her “thing”. Rose has spent most of her life being groomed as the Prima Apparent to follow in her grandmothers’ footsteps. So, what is a former Prima going to do? So far, she has failed at every job she has tried.

At the bonding ceremony for her oldest sister Vi, the new Prima Apparent, Rose has a sexy encounter with a nameless, gorgeous hunk. It did wonders for her dry spell, but was so brief, it shouldn’t still be haunting her with over the top sexual desire… she has more important things to do. Like rescue two abused horses, with the help of her sisters, Violet, the eldest, and Olive the youngest.

But the best made plans as they say… the girls end up arrested, and Rose ends up with community service at the local Animal Sanctuary, owned and operated by Damian Adams, who just happens to be her sexy quickie of a few weeks ago.

Damian Adams, veterinarian, and former Bounty Hunter, part “norm” part demon, runs the Marisol Animal Sanctuary. The grumpy, surly demon has an affinity with animals, and prefers animals to people. After being cursed by his Ex, he keeps his interaction with the opposite sex to one-night stands… with no repeats. It’s worked well for him and keeps him from losing his soul, and humanity. But his one night in a dark room and a quickie with a stranger haunt him, and he can’t stop thinking about Rose and their one explosive encounter.

The Supernatural Council sentences Rose to community service for her part in the attempted horse “rescue”. That community service will be completed at … the Marisol Animal Sanctuary. Damian tries to refuse but the council is firm. Rose is not happy to find out her one-night fling runs the sanctuary, and since he has been the star in her X-rated fantasies, she is no happier than Damian to be working with him. Determined to get through the community service, and avoid contact as much as possible, is Rose’s plan. But, as the “rescue” attempt shows, not all plans are guaranteed to succeed, even with when both parties have the same agenda… avoidance and no repeats.

Damian and Rose are drawn to each other despite all their efforts, and when they finally cave in to desire they both know once won’t be enough. Rose, to protect her heart, and Damian to protect his soul, agree to have a FB relationship. All the sex, none of the commitments. (I have to say at this point I laughed out loud, these two have enough chemistry behind them to light up New York, so you just know this plan will fail as well.)

NOT YOUR EX’S HEXES is a deliciously delightful novel. Witty dialogue, steaming sex, danger, and family. The novel offers a banquet of sibling relationships, the good and the bad, parental interference, deadly danger, all interspersed with humor, romance and sizzling sexual tension. While this is Rose and Damian’s story, Rose’s sisters, Violet and Olive add humor and fun to the story.

Will Rose and Damian break the FB rule, and if they do will Damian lose his soul, or will they find an answer to their Happily Ever After? Read this engaging novel to find out. It’s fun and fast paced and will delight those who enjoy a little humor with their paranormal romances. I enjoyed this immensely and will be picking up the first book, NOT THE WITCH YOU WED, which is Violet’s story, and based on her character in NOT YOUR EX’S HEXES, it promises to be just as much fun.

Terrie Figueroa

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