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THE ROOMMATE PACT – Allison Ashley
ISBN: 978-0-778-33424-8
August 1, 2023
Contemporary Romance

Denver, Colorado – Present Day

Emergency Room nurse Claire Harper shares a condo with male firefighter Graham Scott and another female. Claire and Graham have become good friends, and one night while chatting with their other roommate, Claire and Graham make a pact: if they are still single by the time, they’re forty, they will take the friends-with-benefits plunge. Both figure it won’t ever come to fruition, so they have a good laugh. As a firefighter, Graham is always exposed to hazardous working conditions, and Claire constantly worries about him getting injured. He is also a mountain climber, and one day while out with friends, he falls, breaking his leg along with a few other minor injuries. Claire is in a panic and refuses to leave his side. Graham will need someone to stay by his side for a few days, so she offers to stay home from work.

Graham and Claire have only known each other for a year, and soon they are talking about their past lives. They have a lot in common, as each is shaped by something that happened in their past. Their friendship turns deeper until they realize they are attracted to each other. It doesn’t take long before it takes a turn to the sexual side. Their other roommate is out of town and Claire has been sleeping with Graham to keep an eye on him at night. It turns out that their joking plan to have a friends-with-benefits relationship is happening faster than they expected. 

They never thought their pact would come true, but it does for Claire and Graham in THE ROOMMATE PACT. Friendship comes first, but they can’t deny a sexual attraction. Claire is actively trying to find men to date, though it has proven fruitless. Graham is your typical male in that he spends a lot of off-work time hanging out with his male buddies. They go camping, hiking, and mountain climbing. Unfortunately, one trip ends in disaster for Graham. He hates being immobile, and at Claire’s suggestion, starts a journal which is writing his thoughts into an email to Claire’s email address. She rarely looks at her email. 

Claire is waiting for a decision on her Nurse Practitioner promotion at the hospital where she works. She is not fond of Graham’s dangerous job and leisure activities after watching her own father die in a plane crash. That fear has kept her from dating men like Graham, so having a fling with him is the only thing she plans to do with him. However, the sex is fun, and being around him makes her happy. But even as they grow closer, the more Claire realizes that she needs to take a break from him. Will she be able to do this without breaking hearts—hers and his? Will she get around to seeing the journal/emails from him that reflect his deepest feelings?

THE ROOMMATE PACT is an intriguing and funny tale about friends becoming lovers. They enjoy being around each other and think that is where it ends. But Graham’s freak accident changes everything. Will it end with a happy-ever-after for them? If you love an entertaining tale filled with lively banter and a few laugh-out scenes, then THE ROOMMATE PACT is the book for you. 

Patti Fischer

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