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William Morrow
ISBN: 978-0063273757
August 22, 2023
Contemporary Fiction

Brokenridge, Minnesota – Present Day

It’s been a year since Robin Lindstrom’s husband Gabe died from cancer. The past year has been rough, but she is managing to get through it, mostly through the help of a widow’s support group. The night of the death anniversary, she receives an email unexpectedly from her late husband. Apparently, he set it to be received at this time. Inside the email is a link to an online dating service that he signed her up for, and he encourages her to use it. Robin doesn’t think that she needs to use it, but with the encouragement of Gabe’s best friend, Levi, she finishes the setup. Almost immediately her profile is hit with offers. Should she take the next step and actually meet these men?

Thus begins months of dates for Robin in THE YEAR OF SECOND CHANCES. They range from men who only want to have sex with her to guys that maybe are good for her, but she isn’t looking for commitment. Ted is a single father, and while they realize that a second date between them is not happening, they become good friends. In fact, Robin is soon involved in a play as a makeup artist with the encouragement of Ted. She soon meets Jake. While they didn’t hit it off at first, an unexpected encounter later has them trying again. She likes Jake but is she ready to take the next step? Along the way, Levi is by her side helping to guide her through the dating world. He is such a good friend. 

It is clear to readers that Robin still grieves Gabe, but the pain slowly goes away the more she is around other people. Before, she had a small circle of friends, plus her mother and younger brother Theo. However, Robin begins to have issues with her mother. It appears her mother has a drinking problem, and it might be affecting her ability to run the restaurant she owns. Robin is afraid to step in because she has no proof, and she isn’t sure her mother would accept that she has a problem. Then there is Theo. Robin has been financially supporting him in college, but her brother doesn’t seem to take responsibility. Much like their mother, Theo would rather be the life of a party than put their foot down. As always, it is Robin who has to be the “bad guy.” Will things change in this tale?

There is a ton of emotion in THE YEAR OF SECOND CHANCES. Readers will feel the pain Robin still endures after losing Gabe. There is her uncertainty about dating and how committed she can be. This tale turns into a thoughtful journey for Robin as she gets back up on her feet after being down. As things change around her, we see a growth in her personality. Whereas before she was the peacemaker, now she is the one forging ahead. Will she find happiness after so much darkness in her life? Readers will enjoy the path Robin embarks on. Don’t miss THE YEAR OF SECOND CHANCES.

Patti Fischer

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