Texas Cattleman's Club: Blackmail , Book 8
Harlequin Desire #2534
ISBN: 978-0-373-83861-5
August 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

Royal, Texas – Present Day

Three months ago, former navy SEAL Nick Tate attended a masked ball pretending to be his twin brother, Malcolm, in order to thwart a stalker. But at the party, Nick met a beautiful woman and they shared a night of passion. He never knew her name until now, when his twin informs him that his corporate lawyer, Harper Lake, just told him she is pregnant with his baby…err…Nick's baby! With Nick embroiled in a nasty custody dispute with his ex over their daughter, Ellie, the last thing he needs is for it to get out that he had a one-night stand which resulted in a pregnancy, especially with the unknown Royal Blackmailer still out there.

Harper couldn't understand that night of the party why she suddenly became sexually interested in Malcolm Tate. He's been her boss for a couple of years, and the sparks never flew before. Now she's pregnant and Malcolm seems surprised. Then, a little while later after she arrives home, Nick Tate shows up, and she immediately understands why. Because it was Nick she was attracted to that night, and she'd never met Malcolm's twin before. While Harper is still grappling with the fact she's pregnant by a man she doesn't really know, Nick comes up with a solution. He wants her to marry him and stay together while he battles for custody of Ellie. Harper understands the importance, and agrees to marry him on one condition: their marriage will be in name only. Since sparks already flew once before between them, how long will a platonic marriage work?

An unexpected pregnancy throws together a couple who felt an instant attraction for each other in TEMPTED BY THE WRONG TWIN. Nick has been away for years serving in the military, but about a year ago his unit was hit by enemy fire and he blames himself for the loss of life. This has left him with PTSD and it led to the breakup of his marriage to his now ex. She is accusing him of being an unfit father due to his PTSD episodes and wants to terminate his parental rights. While Nick knows he's not the perfect father, he doesn't want to stop seeing Ellie. His ex could use Harper's pregnancy as leverage and he needs to head her off before she finds out. A quick marriage to Harper solves one issue, but now the newlyweds need to get to know one another.

Harper saw her parents' divorce when she was young and how this affected her mother. The last thing she wants is a broken home, but even she can see how marriage to Nick is the only way to help him from losing Ellie. While she can't deny the desire is still there between them, she must take it slow, or risk losing her heart. Yet, the sparks still burn as hot as ever, and they can't resist the passion that erupts between them. After Harper realizes Nick is suffering from PTSD, she steps in to help him and introduces a therapy dog into their lives. Will Harper and Nick find the happiness they deserve with each other?

TEMPTED BY THE WRONG TWIN is part of the Texas Cattleman's Club: Blackmail series, but readers won't hear from the blackmailer in this story. He's spoken of and it forces some decisions to be made, such as the rushed marriage between Harper and Nick. The series continues, and hopefully, the blackmailer's identity will soon be revealed.

Harper and Nick only knew each other for one night, but they created twins and married. Now they have to work on getting to know one another. An emotional and enjoyable tale, put TEMPTED BY THE WRONG TWIN at the top of your next reading binge.

Patti Fischer