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THE LOST HEIR – Rachel Bailey
Harlequin Desire #9B
ISBN: 978-1-335-45760-8
June 2023
Contemporary Series Romance 

Australia & New York City – Present Day

Freya Wilson has been searching for her godmother’s lost grandson and her latest search takes her to Australia, where she plans to talk to Heath Dunstan. When she arrives, Heath isn’t available, and while she waits, Freya ends up drinking too much alcohol. She wakes up the next morning naked in the bed of a strange male. But it turns out that he is the man she’s been searching for. Oops…talk about awkwardness. 

Heath is indeed the lost heir, and he really couldn’t care about his father’s relatives. His father was violent toward Heath’s late mother, and they ran as far away from him as they could, all the while using assumed names and fake passports. But Heath’s father is dead now and he has an aunt who is insisting on meeting her only nephew. Oh, and there’s a multi-billion-dollar fortune to claim. Heath agrees to go to New York City with Freya, though he doesn’t plan on telling them—yet—that his sister is also an heir. He can’t quite trust them yet with the news. Heath didn’t intend to continue his relationship with Freya in New York, but he can’t deny there is an attraction. 

It is indeed a rags-to-riches tale for Heath in THE LOST HEIR. He kind of knew his father’s family had some money, but he didn’t realize how much. But his aunt, Sarah, has been managing the fortune and company since Heath’s father died. The man was a bastard who continued to try and keep control of his family even after Heath’s mother left with him. Thankfully, the man didn’t realize she was pregnant with Heath’s sister, Mae.  Meanwhile, Heath is trying to adjust to life in New York City and Freya is helpful every step of the way. They soon rekindle their passion, though she knows that he plans to return to Australia in a few weeks. That’s fine with her because after two failed marriages she isn’t planning on taking a walk down the aisle with number three. But her heart has other ideas…

Because of Heath’s past with his father and their being on the run, he has a lot of trust issues. Even though Freya pretty much knows what he has been up to, he continues to keep Mae’s true paternity in the dark, even from Freya. His distrust of her catches up with him, and it may hurt his chances for a future with her. That is, if he wants one. Once he has fulfilled his duties as the news of the lost heir becomes public, Heath plans to leave. But Freya soon discovers something she never expected and something Heath has trouble processing. Freya is in love with him. 

An emotional romance that will tug at your heartstrings, don’t miss THE LOST HEIR.

Patti Fischer

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