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FAN GIRL DOWN –Tessa Bailey
Big Shots, Book 1
ISBN:  978-0063308367
February 13, 2024
Romantic Comedy

Florida and Texas – Present Day

Wells Whitaker had once been one of golf’s biggest rising stars but too much drinking and too many bad public displays ended with him barred from playing. Wells still remembers the woman who haunted his tournaments with her sign, “Wells Belle.” She was his biggest fan. No matter how terrible he played, the redheaded beauty was always on the sidelines. But now Wells wants to get back in the game and he can’t get his biggest fan out of his head. Where is she? Maybe she was right in cheering him on. He makes a bargain with the head of the tour, and it stipulates that his fan girl will be his caddy. 

Wells shows up on Josephine Doyle’s door—or rather, the ruined remains of her family’s golf pro shop—and asks her to be his caddy. In exchange, she will get compensated enough to help pay for the damages to the shop after a hurricane sliced through the area. Josephine didn’t have insurance on the shop—or on herself—and had used the money to buy insulin and other diabetic supplies. Josephine is a type one diabetic who doesn’t let her condition define her. While she will always be Wells’s number one fan, she wonders if she is taking on more than she can chew. After all, she would be the only female caddy on the tour. Add in her attraction to the man, and she may be heading for some heartbreak. 

Josephine has always had a sunny outlook on life even though life sometimes threw strikes at her. She was a late-in-life child born to her parents and was diagnosed with diabetes as a child. They are protective of her and worry about her. This is why she didn’t tell them that the shop was hanging on by a thread and that she had to let the insurance lapse. Then the hurricane happened. She can’t tell them the truth. Helping Wells and getting a cut of his winnings as his caddy is like a dream come true. Despite Wells’s antics on the course, she believed in him and was his biggest supporter. Their first tour stop is in Texas, where she is considered an anomaly because she is the only female caddy and because she is with Wells. They don’t expect him to do well. To everyone’s surprise, he does, and both he and Josephine reap the benefits. Meanwhile, Wells is coming to a startling revelation. He’s attracted to his caddy. 

If you’re not a fan of golf, some of the lingo used might go over your head in FAN GIRL DOWN. But the center of the story is the rise, fall, and rise again, of Wells Whitaker. The chemistry between him and Josephine sizzles. He can insult her, but she can take it and give it right back. More often than not, she is the one who is right. Their sexy banter is part of the fun in this cute romantic comedy. They get into situations that will make you laugh. Josephine is such a likable character. Even Wells, with his grumpy behavior, will leave you with a smile. They go together like salt and pepper. One complements the other. 

An enjoyable tale revolving around the world of golf should be a must-read for lovers of romantic comedy. Don’t miss FAN GIRL DOWN.

Patti Fischer

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