The Academy , Book 2
ISBN (Print): 978-0-06-246710-2
ISBN (Digital): 978-0-06-246711-9
February 2018
Contemporary Romance

New York City – Present Day

Jack Garrett is attending the police academy, but in some ways, he's already checked out as he shows up intoxicated at trainings and is known as a bit of a clown. One day while out walking, he spots a beautiful redhead, and after talking to her, discovers she's visiting New York City from Ireland for two weeks and has a wish list of things to do. While Jack would love to skip first base and go all the way around the bases and make love to her, he respects her wishes and, instead, shows her a good time around town. The next day at the academy, they're both shocked when she walks into the room. It turns out she's their highly touted guest firearms instructor.

Katie McCoy not only is a celebrated shooter, but she's also an Olympic gold medalist in the sport. She plans to enjoy her time here and is intrigued by Jack, but will their relationship change since she'll be his instructor? Will the fact that she has the hots for her student impair her ability to adequately teach him? How about the fact that he showed up at work drunk and Katie has an aversion to dating men who drink? But Jack is sexy, and one of the things on her wish list is to have a steamy affair in New York. With her father pressuring her to take up the grueling training for the Olympics again, she needs something to take her mind off her responsibilities. Jack will surely do.

Jack and Katie are the epitome of opposites attracting. Jack was raised by a single mother in a whore house and he was “fussed over” by women who were brazen about their sexuality around him. Katie was raised by her parents, and after the death of her brother, Sean, she has tried to maintain her “good girl” image. Getting involved with “bad boy” Jack will surely sully that image as she spreads her wings. But the first thing she needs to do is set some boundaries, and one of them is that she won't drink alcohol and doesn't approve of his drinking, especially at work. Jack vows to do better, but old demons continue to haunt him. Can Katie tear down the wall Jack has put up and help his bruised soul?

INDECENT PROPOSAL is told in the first-person point of view from both sides, Jack's and Katie's, and is the second book in  The Academy  series by Tessa Bailey about three roommates. This tale can be read as a standalone without too much difficulty, even if Jack's roommates do pop in and out of scenes. INDECENT PROPOSAL concentrates on the romance between Jack and Katie.

When Katie's two weeks in New York City are over, she and Jack will have a big decision to make as to whether they want to continue their romance. Their trip down the bumpy road to love isn't easy, but readers will enjoy their adventure. A sizzling and intriguing read, grab a copy of INDECENT PROPOSAL

Patti Fischer