ISBN: 978-0-06-304565-1
July 13, 2021
Romantic Comedy

Westport, Washington – Present Day

Piper Bellinger is used to being the belle of the ball, but after her latest antics end up jeopardizing her stepfather's career, she is in hot water. Piper's stepfather, who financially supports her, sends her to Westport for thirty days to prove she can handle being out on her own. Her sister, Hannah, comes along for moral support. The sisters haven't been to Westport since their mother left after their father's death when they were small children. Turns out that their father had a bar which he has left to them. They arrive in town with little money and no plans. One of the first people Piper meets is bearded—and very gruff—sea captain Brendan Taggert. He isn't very welcoming but does offer the sisters advice on how to survive the night in the shabby apartment above the dilapidated bar.

Brendan figures the girls will head out of town the next day since they appear to be a couple of high maintenance fish out of the water. Piper is sassy, yet deep down she appears vulnerable. Her father was a revered fisherman in Westport who died at sea, and this is the first time she is able to see the memorial for him. Despite her party girl façade, she is a caring person as people are drawn toward her. But the encounters between Brendan and Piper are like a love-hate relationship. He's not in the market for a love interest, even if he has been widowed for years. Yet, the two are drawn to each other like a butterfly to a flower. Will their attraction turn into something more?

Spending the summer in a remote fishing town on the coast of Washington state is not something Piper ever expected. But her latest shenanigans have landed her on her stepfather's bad side, especially since he could lose a job assignment over it because it was his client's property that she helped trash. She's “shipped” off to Westport where she is expected to survive on her own. If Piper refuses, he will permanently cut off her funds. With Hannah along, the sisters decide to make the best of it, even if they don't have a clue what they're getting into. Mice inhabit the apartment, and the sisters will be sharing bunk beds. Add in that they don't know how to cook, it's a good guess they aren't going to last. Meanwhile, Brendan always seems to be around…

Brendan is a dedicated fisherman and has mourned the loss of his wife for several years. But maybe it's time to move on, especially when he finds himself attracted to Piper. But she appears out of her element in Westport. She'd rather be partying and shopping at high-end stores, not living in a rundown establishment. But Piper and Hannah decide to “spruce up” and reopen the bar to prove to their stepfather that they can accomplish something, even if their plans don't include staying. As Brendan gets to know Piper, he begins to see beneath the glitzy veneer that she wants to be loved for who she is, not what she represents. A fling might be the way to kill time for both, but will they be wanting more?

IT HAPPENED ONE SUMMER is a cute, funny tale about being thrown out of your safe space and into a place far from your usual stomping grounds. Will Piper survive her thirty days? Will she fall in love with her sexy sea captain? Find out the sizzling answer by grabbing a copy of this book.

Patti Fischer