Avon Books
ISBN: 978-0-06-287285-2
January 14, 2020
Contemporary Romance

Port Jefferson, New York – Present Day

Rosie and Dominic Vega were high school sweethearts and have been married for ten years. But now their marriage has gone stale, and she has walked out. Dom doesn't understand how they failed as a couple because he is a good provider and has always been faithful to her. Granted, they only have sex once a week, but he thought Rosie was okay with that. Dom will do anything to win back Rosie—even agreeing to marriage counseling.

Rosie feels like her relationship with Dom had gotten in a rut, and she had to escape. She has plans to open her own restaurant, but how will the breakup of her marriage affect that? She still loves Dom, though she wonders how they can save their marriage until they solve the problems that drove them apart. The marriage counselor is unconventional, to say the least. One of the requirements they learn in counseling is that while they're seeing the counselor, they can't have sex—which is tough to handle when a couple is still sexually attracted to each other. It's the other things that are keeping them apart, and they will need to work on those. But Dom has a huge secret that he hasn't revealed to Rosie yet. Will finding out about it be the final nail in ending their marriage?

Can Dom and Rosie save their marriage? That is the plotline of LOVE HER OR LOSE HER by Tessa Bailey. Dom and Rosie are surrounded by friends who have no problem giving their advice to the unhappy couple. Sometimes the advice seems to be at odds in helping them, yet everyone wants Rosie and Dom to find their way back to each other. LOVE HER OR LOSE HER is an amusing tale, with plenty of misunderstandings and sensual scenes. Yes, they do break the “no sex” rule—plenty of times—but that is part of the fun of getting the staleness out of their marriage. Dom's secret, which I won't reveal because it's a potential spoiler, is huge. Is it big enough for Rosie to lose trust in him?

Besides a marriage on the rocks, Rosie is also working at a dead-end job she hates. Her desire is to open a restaurant, and she thought Dom was on her side, but he appears to hesitate at her plans. Could it be tied to the secret he has? Besides Rosie and Dom, LOVE HER OR LOSE HER brings us colorful minor characters, such as Rosie's best friend, Bethany, who goes toe-to-toe with a new man in town, Wes. Bethany is high maintenance, while Wes has a laidback attitude. Yet, there's something brewing between them. There is also Georgie, Travis, Stephen, and Kristin, each who bring some added flavor to this fun tale.

An unusual tale about a marriage failing despite the love that still exists between our couple, don't miss LOVE HER OR LOSE HER.

Patti Fischer