Hot & Hammered , Book 3
September 22, 2020
Romantic Comedy

Port Jefferson, New York – Present Day

Home designer Bethany Castle is known in town for her beautiful and elaborate home designs, which has worked well with her working alongside her brother, Stephen, who flips houses. However, she has decided to branch out on her own flipping houses, which has turned into a competition that has caught the attention of a HGTV-style TV producer. Bethany has never swung a hammer into plaster, but she is hoping her newly hired foreman, Wes Daniels, can guide her. However, he's not too happy to learn that she agreed to have their construction work filmed for the show. There are also the sparks that are flying hot and heavy between them. Bethany has no plans to get involved with Wes because he is six years younger than her. But sexual chemistry doesn't care about the age difference if there's smoking hot chemistry.

Wes is originally from Texas but came to Port Jefferson after his estranged half-sister contacted him for help. She then took off, leaving him with her four-year-old daughter, Laura. Family comes first for Wes, so while he wishes he were back in Texas, he has to make a temporary life for his niece until her mother comes back. He appreciates Bethany hiring him, though she is a bit of a pain in the ass. She prefers things around her to be perfect, which means she is set in her ways. As they argue about how to proceed with the house rehab, things get seriously hot between them. He wouldn't mind a fling with his boss, but she wants to keep things business only. How can Bethany not see that their age difference doesn't matter?

With his life in upheaval, Wes isn't in a position to provide Bethany anything except being a good employee—and a potential roll between the bedsheets a couple of times. He has to be protective of his niece because his half-sister is not only a drug addict but unstable. The television show is being filmed as they work and is fast paced because both houses (Bethany's and Stephen's) must be completed in one and a half weeks, after which a winner is chosen. With the help of two older men that Wes hired, they get to work. Along the way, there is plenty of interaction between Bethany and Wes, and the chemistry that's been there for a while really begins to heat up, leading to some heavy petting. Will they end up making love? How can they be discreet about an affair without having others around them find out? Will the house get finished in time?

TOOLS OF ENGAGEMENT is the third book in the Hot & Hammered series by Tessa Bailey. The others in the series are FIX HER UP and LOVE HER OR LOSE HER. While all the characters from those books appear a few times, you can read TOOLS OF ENGAGEMENT without having read the others.

Sexy banter and a few chuckles along the way will have readers not wanting to put down TOOLS OF ENGAGEMENT. Bethany and Wes prove that opposites do attract and fall in love. For a cute and engaging read, don't miss this tale.

Patti Fischer