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Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN: 978-1-7282-5655-9
March 28, 2023
Romantic Comedy

Nantucket Island, Massachusetts – Present Day

Evita Machado and her family, which consists of her parents plus her siblings and their children, are looking forward to their vacation on Nantucket Island in a house that her parents won in an auction. But when they arrive, the house is already occupied—by her family’s biggest rivals, the Hatfield family. Turns out there was a mistake and both families “won” a week at the house. Neither family intends to give up their week at the house, so they agree to split the house in two. It may not be comfortable, and it certainly won’t help with their already bitter rivalry but at least they will get to have a vacation. The oldest Hatfield sibling is Ryan, the guy who Evita had once teamed up with as a chemistry partner in their high school class. They enjoyed each other’s company back then, but both were warned away from ever dating the other. Even now, as both Evita and Ryan are adults, the mothers, Lissette and Daneen, warn the two to stay away from each other. But they can’t help being drawn to the other as the attraction they shared in high school is rekindled as adults. Will they get a chance for a little romance despite being surrounded by families that won’t get along?

RIGHT GIRL, WRONG SIDE is more about Evita and Ryan trying to achieve peace between their families than them hooking up. Yes, they do find an occasional opportunity to be alone, but it is never enough to do more than talk and maybe kiss once or twice. The premise of this tale is more about getting the families to find peace and live together for a week. The house is big enough but not large enough to hold them peacefully apart. There are plenty of squabbles and bickering to keep this story lively. Meanwhile, Ryan is dealing with a bit of a career crisis. Does he apply for a job where he will be happy or do what his parents, particularly his mother, want him to do? His mother is easily depicted as a bit uppity, while Evita’s mother is big on family and honor. Their rivalry goes back to high school when the two women competed for class president. They have continued to carry the hard feelings into their marriages and raise their children to dislike each other. It’s no wonder that Evita and Ryan feel like Romeo and Juliet, or their families as the Hatfields and McCoys. Will peace ever be achieved?

There are lots of laughs and sticky situations that readers will enjoy in RIGHT GIRL, WRONG SIDE by Ginny Baird. Evita and Ryan get along so well that it’s a wonder that their family’s bickering ever kept them apart. They are both free from entanglements, so a little holiday romance is brewing for them. That is, if they can find the time to be alone without their mothers telling them to stay away from each other.  If you love a good, laugh-out-loud tale with a hint of romance on the side, then RIGHT GIRL, WRONG SIDE will be perfect for you. Ryan and Evita are likable and deserve to be together. Don’t miss this fun book. 

Patti Fischer

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