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Canary Street Press
ISBN: 978-1-335-60097-4
May 23, 2023
Contemporary Fiction

Tenmile, Oregon – Present Day

An idyllic community goes up in flames and the lives of four women are changed forever. How they—and the community—rose from the ashes one year later is the story told in ONE LITTLE SPARK.

Jenna Abbott thought she had the perfect marriage to her doctor husband, but it fell apart after learning he had cheated on her—and his girlfriend was expecting his child. On the day of the fire, Ryan is one of those missing and unaccounted for. Did he perish in the fire? But life has moved on around her. As a woman in her forties, Jenna didn’t expect that a younger man would show interest in her. Should she put the past behind her?

Chelsea Goddard is Ryan’s sister, and she feels like she is living on the edge. She had been estranged from her husband, Mark, but he mysteriously returned to town on the day of the fire. Is there a connection? Why is their estrangement still hanging between them?

Morgan White is the young single mother of Ryan’s baby. On the day of the fire, she went into labor. She tried to locate him but couldn’t. Luckily, because she was in the hospital, she wouldn’t have been home before her home burned to the ground. Relations are understandably strained between her and Jenna despite their children sharing the same father. She is an outcast in the town she has grown to love.

Alex Coleman hasn’t told her friends Jenna and Chelsea that she has no memory of the day of the fire. Did something happen to cause her memory loss? Is it related to the fire? Morgan’s uncle, Cody, was once part of Alex’s life in high school, but he left town after she married Paul. Now Cody is back as an FBI agent to investigate the mysterious origins of the fire. As they reconnect, Alex wonders if she should tell him about her memory lapse—and the letters she’s receiving with no return address that enclose mementos of her past. Is someone trying to play with her mind?

ONE LITTLE SPARK hops around quite a bit from character to character and from the present day to the past. At times it wasn't very clear as to who is who, and how they are related to others. Tenmile is a small community where everyone knows one another, but as we soon learn, there are secrets that may shock others if exposed. The underlying mystery and what makes this a page-turner is wondering how the fire started and if one of the protagonists, dead or alive, started it. 

Meanwhile, there is growth going on for Jenna and Alex as they start new relationships. For Chelsea, she knows that she is not her mother’s favorite. That is (or was) reserved for Ryan. She sticks close to Jenna, but as much as they’re good friends, she can’t tell her about the secret she has buried all these years. Will it come out in ONE LITTLE SPARK? Jenna should hate Morgan, and probably did for months, but she has to admire the young woman for her tenacious spirit and gumption. Morgan’s daughter is Jenna’s children’s half-sister. Will there be an attempt to bridge a relationship with them? Alex is the one whom readers will wonder how she is connected to the fire. Will her memories come roaring back and help Cody discover the truth? What about the items that were sent to her? What role do they play in her lost memories?

ONE LITTLE SPARK is an intriguing read as it jumps from one character to another and deepens the suspense. Will everything get resolved by the end? It’s an emotional and suspenseful read you don’t want to miss.

Patti Fischer

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