KEEP ME SAFE - Maya Banks
A Slow Burn Novel , Book 1
ISBN: 978-0-06-231246-4
October 2014
Romantic Suspense

Present Day

Desperate to find his missing sister, Caleb Deveraux tracks down Ramie St. Clair, a woman with a psychic gift that has enabled her to find missing people in the past.  Without knowing what it would do to Ramie, Caleb forces her to help him, belatedly realizing that by connecting with his sister, Ramie is forced to endure the same torture.  He promises to return and help Ramie once his sister is safe, but by the time he does, Ramie is long gone.

In trying to save a victim, Ramie connected with the mind of the victim's killer, and the madman hasn't let go of Ramie.  She did everything she could to hide from him, but when Caleb Deveraux arrives, it forces Ramie to once again flee.  A year later, she has all but given up on being free from the madman obsessed with finding and killing her, and when he almost catches her, Ramie calls Caleb.  He once said he would help her, and Ramie intends to hold him to that promise.

From the moment he has Ramie back in his life, Caleb knows that more than gratitude and old debts connect them in KEEP ME SAFE.  Since his sister's abduction and rescue, Caleb has taken the protection of his family more seriously than ever, going so far as to start a security firm.  Not only will he keep his siblings safe, but he'll do whatever he can to protect others as well.  Yet Ramie has never been simply a case for him, and when he answers her call, he realizes that his feelings for her are deeper and more intimate than he'd thought.  Caleb's willing to do whatever it takes to protect the woman he's coming to love.  Raised in foster homes, the ideas of family or being taken care of are foreign to Ramie.  After eighteen months of hiding from the serial killer targeting her, Ramie believed herself ready to give in, right up until she was within his grasp.  Caleb is her last hope of being free from the nightmares haunting her, but as she gets to know him better, Ramie realizes that for the first time in her life she wants more.

A thrilling beginning to the Slow Burn series, KEEP ME SAFE brings together a man who refuses to give up on what's important and a woman who is completely unaware of just how strong she is.  Along with Caleb and Ramie, we meet Caleb's siblings, Quinn and Beau, and Tori, who has gone through a hell of her own, as well as Dane and Eliza, security consultants who work for Deveraux.  A compelling tale, don't miss KEEP ME SAFE.

Jennifer Bishop