The Bloodhound Files , Book 3
St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 978-0-312-94260-1
January 2011
Urban Fantasy

A Parallel Las Vegas, Nevada

Jace Valchek has been trying to get home ever since a sorcerer, Asher, pulled her out of her own world into an alternate universe.  But to get home, she first needs to find that sorcerer.  Good for Jace that he happens to be her next assignment.

From the moment Jace and her team land in Las Vegas things go wrong.  Asher has aligned himself with some of the most dangerous creatures on this world.  To get to him, Jace potentially has to go through them, and Asher, by himself, was already a difficult target.  Then, things go from bad to worse as golems suddenly take up arms, ostensibly to protect humans from vampires and werewolves.  On the run and with her team scattered to the winds, Jace needs help, but will it arrive in time to save the world?

Snarky comments, action, and adventure abound in KILLING ROCKS.  Jace Valchek is back on the scene with her bravado and funny-looking weapon at the forefront.  Jace is used to having her stalwart friend, guard, and partner Charlie at her side.  But when something takes control of the golems, Charlie isn't able to fight the call, and Jace is on her own.  The world's fate is at stake, and it's up to Jace to help set its course.  But will she choose the safety of this universe versus returning to her own world?

Funny and engaging, KILLING ROCKS will keep you entertained from the first page to the last.  To truly understand the characters and background, it is recommended that you read the series in order.  However, if kick-ass heroines with smart tongues are a favorite, jumping into this series won't be a hardship.  Pick up your copy of KILLING ROCKS today.