GOT IT BAD – Christi Barth
A Bad Boys Gone Good Novel
Avon Impulse
ISBN-13:  978-0-06-268567-4
September 2018
Romantic Suspense

Bandon, Oregon – Present day

Ten months ago Kieran Mullaney was on top of the world, studying in college to be a lawyer at Northwestern University and enjoying Chicago.  Then one day he meets a gorgeous woman and starts flirting with her.  She takes him to her car, a black SUV, and his two older brothers, Ryan and Frank, are inside.  But they are not his normal two brothers because he finds out they are two mafia members and the attractive woman is a US Marshall, and the family is going into the Witness Protection Program.  Ryan and Frank are going to testify against mob leader Danny McGinty.  Oh, and his brothers also tell him his mother and father had been killed by the mob.

Now they are in a tiny town in Oregon whose claim to fame is they grow cranberries.  This is their third town change, as somehow “Rafe” and “Flynn” Maguire always got them in trouble and they have had to move.  Delaney Evans is the US Marshall who is in charge of the family, and ever since flirting with “Kellan” she has been attracted to him, something a US Marshall should never do with a protectee.

Kellan works processing cranberries, not an occupation he thought he wanted.   Both his brothers have new girlfriends, and are waiting for the trial to start in several months, a trial they only hope the mob won't kill them before they can testify.  Even though Kellan wasn't involved with the mob and knew nothing about his brother's mob contacts, he is also living a life in hiding, because family is everything.  When Delaney and Kellan cross the line between them, Kellan begins to make changes in his life.

Christi Barth's fascinating story introduces us to the US Marshall Service and their procedures for protecting witnesses.  Told from Kellan's and Delaney's point of view increased our knowledge of how an innocent involved in the witness protection program manages a life they never intended.  As Delaney and Kellan get closer, the more her job is in danger; is their relationship worth losing her job over?

Secondary characters are Kellan's brothers Rafe and Flynn, and their new girlfriends Mollie and Sierra.  Lucien becomes a friend to Kellan and Mateo becomes Kellan's new boss as he changes jobs.

GOT IT BAD is an enthralling and fascinating story with Kellan and his two mob brothers.  They spent their lives protecting Kellan from that side of them, and now everyone's life may be in danger when they testify. Delaney also must rethink what she is doing with Kellan, until the situation becomes untenable.  If you are interested in a story that is out of the ordinary, I recommend GOT IT BAD.

Carolyn Crisher