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THE JULIET CODE - Pepper Basham
Freddie and Grace Mystey, Book 3
Barbour Publishing
Print ISBN:978-1-63609-694-0
Adobe Digital Edition: 978-1-63609-695-7
December 1, 2023

Historical Christian Mystery

Venice, Italy-1914

Grace and Fredrick are on their honeymoon in Venice, Italy ready to take in the gondolas, art and spend time together but things don’t go as planned. First, Grace’s handbag is stolen and then their dear friend, Jack Miracle, an aristocrat turned detective, makes an appearance. Jack tells them he has been hired by a Mr. Laraby for a new case. He asks them if they will be interested in joining him in some detective work.

Not inexperienced in detective work they agree but what they could not count on is the amount of darkness that awaits the three. JULIET’S CODE is the third book in the Freddie and Grace Mystery series and even though you may not have read the first two books, it won’t detract your enjoyment from the book.

Grace is a woman whose references stem from fiction books and her love of reading. Fredrick loves Grace and goes along with these adventures to keep her safe and also because he is starting to get a thrill from sleuthing. JULIET’S CODE is a book that will keep you glued to the pages with its humor, mystery, and romance between Fredrick and Grace.

JULIET’S CODE refers to the mystery in which a group of paintings, which depict scenes of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, are being stolen. There is an understanding that all of the paintings may contain a code that directs you to a treasure. With three dimensional characters, action, and great dialogue, I highly recommend JULIET’S CODE. Run out and get your copy today.

Avis Yarbrough

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