SEEING DOUBLE – Tamra Baumann
A Heartbreaker Novel , Book 1
Montlake Romance
ISBN: 978-1542046091
September 2017
Contemporary Romance

Albuquerque, New Mexico – Present Day

Dani Botelli is trying to start a new life that isn't under the shadow of her famous movie star mother, or her soon-to-be ex-husband Jake, who still has the hots for her. Unfortunately, Jake, who is a police detective, still asks Dani for help in solving crimes because she has intuitive visions, something she tries to keep under wraps. Then there is Michael Reilly, her high school crush, who is a lawyer and is involved in a case she is testifying in. Dani broke up with Michael in high school because she had a vision of him marrying someone else. He doesn't know about her special skills, because she doesn't want to be seen as a freak. But after a confrontation with Michael in front of the courthouse, a man attacks Dani and threatens to kill her. Michael will do whatever it takes to protect Dani, but will it also lead to a rekindled passion between them?

Michael is a divorced father of two little girls, but he hasn't forgotten about Dani. He's still confused over her rejection of him in high school. In Michael's eyes, Dani is flaky and spoiled, but he still wants her. When the attacker in front of the courthouse hires goons to go after Dani, he steps in to help, despite the fact that the police—and Jake—are involved. But it doesn't stop someone planting a bomb that almost kills them. In fact, it only forces Michael and Dani closer. After a little girl is abandoned and Dani offers to care for her and look for the mother, Michael agrees to help. Dani loves Michael, but can he forgive her for breaking up with him as teenagers? How will he feel when he learns about her special abilities?

Dani is torn between two men—one who wants her (Jake) and another who is still sore after their breakup years ago—Michael. She inherited her special visual skills from her mother and grandmother, and like them, tries to hide it because it's so unusual and would attract attention. Jake knows about it and has used her to help him solve crimes. Michael wasn't told because she didn't want to scare him away. It's not easy to explain to someone you can see your future—and theirs. Despite the years apart, Dani is still attracted to Michael, but doesn't see how she can win him back. For one, he doesn't think highly of her despite their years of knowing one another. It doesn't help that she gets into peculiar situations and is a bit of an airhead. But deep down there is a woman trying to assert her independence from her famous mother. Dani grew up without knowing her father, but in SEEING DOUBLE, she may get a chance to rectify that.

SEEING DOUBLE is both intriguing and funny as Dani gets into trouble and is rescued by Michael. Of course, she also has her own way of getting out of a jam by using her special skills. Michael thinks she's just lucky and she doesn't know how he'll react if she tells him the truth. Their rekindled romance slowly builds in SEEING DOUBLE as they chase after a woman who left a child behind and try to keep safe from hired killers. You'll have to read this tale to see how they accumulated a child, a bodyguard and a gun toting grandmother.

Readers who love cute and funny romances will get a kick out of SEEING DOUBLE. It's the first book in the Heartbreaker series by Tamra Baumann, and is one that I highly recommend.

Patti Fischer