AT ANY COST – Mandy Baxter
A U.S. Marshals Novel
A Perfect 10
ISBN: 978-1-4201-4105-4
June 2016
Romantic Suspense

McCall, Idaho – Present Day

After hotheaded U.S. Marshal Nick Brady had a run in with his bosses, he was placed on an involuntary month long vacation. Nick can't stand to sit still, especially since there's one case that is occupying his mind lately, that of murderous biker club head honcho Joel Meecum. After reviewing his notes, Nick decides to head to McCall, Idaho, following up a lead that Joel's ex-girlfriend may be hiding out there while on the run from her ex. If he can get close enough to her, maybe she'll lead him to Joel. Without telling his boss, Nick rents a vacation house next to his target.

Olivia Gallagher is on the run, fighting to stay alive after Joel put out a bounty on her head. She has something he wants, and she knows from past experience he won't stop until she's dead. Livy used to be Kari Hanson until she assumed her current name to avoid possible detection. She doesn't associate with many people, but when her new next door neighbor helps dig her car out of the snow, she lets her guard down. Nick seems like a nice guy and certainly he's helpful. Add in that he's handsome as sin and even sexier, Livy just may give in to her avowal not to get involved with a man. Just as things begin to heat up for Nick and Livy, Joel gets the lead he's been waiting for on Livy…

Livy hasn't trusted many people the past few years while she's been on the run, but something about Nick has her feeling relaxed. While the authorities think she was Joel's onetime girlfriend, the truth of the matter is that it's a made up story by him so he could have an excuse to go after her. After watching Joel kill someone in her life, Livy knows exactly what he'll do to her if she's captured. She can't go to the authorities because Joel has some moles inside the force and she'd be a dead woman before nightfall. Nick is easy going and, for whatever reason, she trusts him. He also has her hot and bothered with his kisses and hot touches. He's vacationing for a month in McCall, so why not a fling to get the itch scratched?

Nick has to be careful because he's aware that Livy could get spooked and take off at any time. Soon after meeting her, something deep inside him leaves him with feelings for her that is more than that of someone he's investigating. All evidence points to Livy being part of the biker gang, but he senses there's something more to the story. Getting to know her and digging a little deeper soon has him wanting to protect her—at any cost. But since he's disobeying orders by being here in McCall to spy on a suspected criminal, is he playing with fire by sleeping with her?

Mandy Baxter provides readers with a tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat in AT ANY COST. We know that it won't be too long before Joel figures out where Livy/Kari is, but will she be able to escape the tentacles of the man she fears? Will Nick's growing attraction for Livy leave him distracted enough so that he won't be prepared for the eventual confrontation from Joel and his biker gang? AT ANY COST is one of those books you won't want to put down once you pick it up. There's sizzling sensuality paired with spine-tingling suspense and this sparkling combination makes it why I'm awarding it a Perfect 10 from Romance Reviews Today. If you had to grab that perfect read to immerse yourself in, then look no further than the terrific AT ANY COST.

Patti Fischer