A Potomac Point Novel
Montlake Romance
ISBN: 978-1542008716
June 2020
Contemporary Fiction

Potomac Point, Maryland – Present Day

Even though Amanda Foster and Erin Turner are sisters, they are not particularly close despite still living in the same town. Amanda is married and several months pregnant. Erin is single and living with Max, her boyfriend of two years. As IF YOU MUST KNOW opens, Amanda is wondering why her husband, Lyle, hasn't returned her calls while he's on a business trip to Florida.  For Amanda, everything in her life is perfect, even if she misses her father who died several months ago. Erin and Amanda's mother still lives in the family home. Erin is dealing with her lazy boyfriend and finally decides to ask him to move out while she's away on a yoga retreat. Amanda still hasn't heard from Lyle, but then her world comes crashing down when she receives a letter from him telling her that he's no longer in love with her—and wants a separation.

In IF YOU MUST KNOW, Amanda discovers that Lyle isn't the man she thought she married. He's been carrying on an affair with one of his former co-workers and secretly planning a life that doesn't include Amanda or their child. He recently borrowed a large sum of money from Amanda and Erin's mother—money that was part of the estate and expected to support their mother. It soon becomes clear that getting the money back won't be easy. They are a proud and respectable family, but that could all change if people in town learn that they've been duped.

Erin returns from her yoga retreat to learn that Max did move out, but he also took a prized album collection that she received from her father's estate. With the help of a cop friend, she tracks it down to a new man in town, Leo, who agrees to return it to her even though he's out the money that he paid. Sparks fly between Leo and Erin, but he's a man haunted by the death of his wife and unborn child. Could it be that he's not yet ready for a romantic relationship?

Things seem to go from bad to worse for Amanda and Erin in IF YOU MUST KNOW. Amid everything going on, they have to deal with their mother's failing mental health. Is it just stress or something else that is causing it? For financial reasons, Erin moves in with their mother. Quite a change when you've been on your own for years. Their relationship is rocky at first, but soon they're getting along. Will things work out for their mother? For Amanda, her first priority is her unborn child, but every day turns out to be a new challenge for her as she learns even more bad news about Lyle. He has apparently taken off to the Caribbean with his mistress. Will Amanda find him and be able to right the things he did?

All through IF YOU MUST KNOW, Amanda and Erin not only learn a lot about themselves, but more about each other. They were never close before, but it takes these challenging times to finally bring them together. Will Amanda and Erin get closure on all their problems and find happiness? An engaging and uplifting tale don't miss IF YOU MUST KNOW.

Patti Fischer