Sanctuary Sound,  Book 2
Montlake Romance
ISBN: 978-1503905245
April 9, 2019
Contemporary Romance

Sanctuary Sound, Connecticut – Present Day

Claire McKenna was a survivor of a shooting years ago which then ended her promising tennis career. Not only do the lingering injuries remain with her, but she suffers from PTSD that has her unable to leave the sanctuary of her hometown. A couple of years ago, Claire also lost her boyfriend—not to death, but due to his leaving her for her then best friend, Peyton Prescott. The breakup also destroyed the long-time friendship and Claire has been unable to forgive her former friend. Peyton is now recovering from breast cancer and has returned to Sanctuary Sound—as has Peyton's brother, Logan, whom Claire has secretly been attracted to all these years. Logan is determined to bring Claire and Peyton back together. Will it also provide Claire and Logan a way to get to know one another better?

Logan is a worldwide journalist who would rather be writing books, but his wealthy parents disdain his dreams. Right now, Logan's first priority is helping Peyton recover, and one of the things they're doing is working on a journal that they hope will get published. Claire is an interior designer and Logan is looking to get his New York City condo redecorated. She would be the perfect person to hire for the job, but will her being unable to leave Sanctuary Sound hinder the plans? Logan approaches Claire and soon discovers that he likes being around her and wants to get closer to her. Will the wanderlust bachelor find love with Claire?

In THE PROMISE OF US by Jamie Beck, Claire once had it all: the friendship of Peyton and Steffi (another close friend), a promising career in tennis, and an idyllic life. Then, it all was shattered when she got injured in a mall shooting in another city. As Claire has slowly built her life back together, she has been unable to get past the flashbacks and fears of that shooting. This has left her unable to leave her hometown, which is heightened further by her parent's overprotectiveness. She once thought she'd found love, but he abandoned her for the (then) vivacious Peyton. But after Peyton was diagnosed with cancer, he abandoned her. Everyone around Claire wants her to forgive Peyton—but can she?

Logan sees the good in Claire and wants to help her, even though she doesn't want people to feel sorry for her. He uses the redecoration of his condo as an excuse to woo her into forgiving Peyton. But soon, he develops feelings for her that he wants to explore. She continues to resist him, though she doesn't turn down a chance at a job. Will he be able to convince her to get past her PTSD and see the world beyond Sanctuary Sound? It's a big task, yet there are serious sparks between them.

THE PROMISE OF US is an emotional tale about recovery and new beginnings as Claire and Logan explore their mutual attraction. But first, there must be forgiveness and putting the past behind. Will they find a way to a happily-ever-after? While THE PROMISE OF US is related to THE MEMORY OF YOU (Steffi's story in the first book in the  Sanctuary Sound  series), this tale can easily be read as a standalone. Don't miss this absorbing and enjoyable book.

Patti Fischer