MAKE YOU MINE - Macy Beckett
Signet Eclipse
ISBN: 978-0-451-46533-7
May 2014
Contemporary Romance

Cedar Bayou, Louisiana and along the Mississippi River - Present Day

The Mauvais family has long been suspected of being able to put voodoo hexes on anyone who crosses their path. The Dumont family believes this to be true as every male has failed to find true love and marriage because of a hex placed on them many years ago. So when Marc Dumont needs an emergency pastry chef on his riverboat cruise ship, he is ready to say no when Allie Mauvais is sent from the temporary employment agency for the job. But with the future of their company on the line, Marc agrees…and hopes he doesn't regret it. There is also a history between him and Allie; they dated once in high school, and when he bedded her he had a "bad" reaction that left him worried about future procreation. The last thing he needs is to have that happen again. Of course, it still hasn't stopped him from being attracted to her.

Allie needs the money she'll earn on this trip in order to help out her bakery by getting her name out there to people. She's aware that the Dumonts believe they're cursed by a hex placed on them many years ago by a relative of hers. They treat her like a pariah while she tries to prove herself when mysterious "events" plaguing the ship that have them pointing fingers at her as being the cause. Add in the fact that Allie can't deny she's attracted to Marc, though he is the last person she should get involved with. But the red-hot chemistry can't be denied, and it doesn't take long before they're locking lips…and more. Marc and his family might think Allie is a voodoo priestess, but she's their best hope to help keep their company afloat.

Characters abound in MAKE YOU MINE, with the central ones being Allie and Marc. There is Allie's sister, Devyn, who has her own past history with Marc's brother Beau. Can Beau help break his curse with her? Marc's grandfather thinks it's a mistake bringing a Mauvais onboard the ship, and he's very vocal about it. Marc's half-brother and half-sister (no relation between the two) seem to hang around each other way too much, despite warnings to stay away from the other. Littlest half-brother (whom they call Worm) is tagging along helping out in the running of the ship. With all the characters surrounding them, it's a wonder Allie and Marc can find the time to be alone. But they do…

Since MAKE YOU MINE takes place in the heart of bayou country, readers will be treated to voodoo, curses, and Cajun cooking. Allie loves to cook, and her bakery is her top priority, even if it means working with a mean head chef who wants to get rid of the "upstart" pastry chef. Who will win that battle? While Marc tries to steer clear of Allie at first in MAKE YOU MINE, even he can't resist the sexual chemistry that sizzles and pops between them. Despite the hot sex between them, Marc can't think about a future with Allie because even he believes the curse is at the core of the problems in his family. How can Allie convince him that it's all in his head?

MAKE YOU MINE is a cute, funny, and sexy tale, just right for when you want to be swept away into a romance that will have you laughing and rooting for a couple to have their happily-ever-after. Grab MAKE YOU MINE and see what I mean.

Patti Fischer