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EMMA OF 83 RD STREET- Audrey Bellezza and Emily Harding
Galley Books
ISBN EBOOK: 978-1-6680-0840-9
May 23, 2023

Contemporary Romance

New York City- Present Day

Emma Woodhouse is beautiful, smart, and rich. She also believes that, after making one match with her sister, Margo, and Ben Knightley, she is an expert matchmaker. Emma is in graduate school for art history and when she encounters Nadine, a transplant from Ohio, she is determined to help her get her life in order no matter what Nadine wants. When her best friend, George Knightley, warns her about interfering in other people’s lives, she ignores it, as Nadine needs her help, and George does not know what he is talking about.

George is the quintessential man next door-gorgeous, smart, and caring. He is seven years older than Emma but his memories of her   dogging his footsteps, and always being there as well to visits to the Woodhouse house are his happiest memories. When he starts noticing that Emma is a woman now and not the child, he remembers he is thrown into a tailspin. Does he want Emma? If so, how will he deal with it?

EMMA OF  83 rd STREET is a funny and well written retelling of Jane Austen’s Emma. Although you do not need to have read Austen’s Emma to enjoy this book, but I for one think everyone should read Austen at some point in their lives. Nadine delivers some laugh out loud one- liners, George is hot in his judgments of Emma which the reader will agree with, and Emma is confident no matter what is thrown at her. Readers will want her to grow up a bit more so that she deserves George. Readers will be frustrated, entertained, and be rooting to see if George and Emma will get together.

A book I highly recommend, EMMA OF  83 rd STREET is well worth reading.

Avis Yarbrough

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