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Dynasties: Willowvale , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #23B
ISBN: 978-1-335-45785-1
November 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

Willowvale Springs, Wyoming – Present Day

Mason Clark enjoyed tremendous success as a Major League Baseball pitcher, but his career ended after an injury. He’s still struggling with his future plans when he receives a letter informing him that he’s inherited an old farmhouse in his former hometown. Arriving back in Willowvale Springs, he wonders if he can fix it up and then sell it. He has no interest in moving back permanently. Mason is greeted back in town by his old friend Darcy Stephens. They have had a friendly relationship punctuated by good-natured bets. Will there be a bet between them on whether he stays in Willowvale Springs?

Darcy recently broke off a relationship with a guy who is not easy to get rid of. After running into him again—Mason steps in and announces to the guy that he is her boyfriend. Darcy is stunned that Mason would do this, mainly because it’s embarrassing, and everyone knows he isn’t staying long in town. But Darcy does agree to the ruse—for now. As they get to know one another again, sparks begin to fly, and soon they hit the sheets. Will their friendship turn to romance? What about Mason’s plans to put Willowwale Springs behind him again?

A BET BETWEEN FRIENDS is a friends-to-lovers romance that hits all the right spots. Darcy and Mason were childhood friends and they even managed to keep track of each other after he left town. After a career-ending injury, Mason feels lost because baseball has been everything in his life. He is surprised about the inheritance of the farmhouse, but figures time spent in Willowvale Springs will kill a few weeks while he decides his future. Darcy is in the startup phase of her lifelong dream to own a chartered plane service. She still struggles to get customers and a brand-new plane with more seats is a dream for her. As readers suspect, Mason could probably help her with acquiring a new plane, but she won’t ask him for help. 

Throughout this tale, they make a few friendly bets that provide some lighthearted moments. Mason and Darcy truly care for each other as friends, but once they are lovers, will it lead to an even deeper friendship…and love? Mason must deal with his decision on whether to stay or not, while Darcy doesn’t want to influence his decision. Will Mason and Darcy finally get a chance to have a happily-ever-after together? What will Mason decide? For a fun and enjoyable romance with love scenes that sizzle, be sure to pick up A BET BETWEEN FRIENDS.

Patti Fischer

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